This Page is About Me,
I'm gonna tell you,

then I'm gonna tell you why it's About ME, then I'm gonna ....tell you why it's About YOU....


It's okay sometimes to say to yourself 'It is About Me' when it comes to giving gifts.

We all know how to give gifts. We all know how to go and "get" a gift. But there are some of us who struggle when it comes to getting gifts for the ones we love, especially gifts that show how much we value them. There are a lot of things out there that can be gifts. This thing, that thing, Thing One, Thing Two, but do you want to buy just a "thing"? Chances are - NOT - because you might not have a clue as to who you would give it to and why. Yes, the "thing" is neat, but does it serve the purpose of being uniquely giftworthy?

We are all gift givers, and we all want to give gifts that count, gifts that matter, gifts that say something, gifts that mean what we say or feel.

READY? Here's where it's About Me.

I'm here to help you incorporate, put a piece of yourself, infuse a bit of you, into your gifts. Then I'll show you how it's possible for you to develop or arrive at your own style of gift giving by my examples.

I've done the legwork - in this website, I can save you time and energy in putting together the gifts that embody the relationship you have with those you want to express your feelings for. I will remind you about how important you are and why it's worth it to have your own gifting style.

Hey, I'll even show you where you can buy some of those gifts worry-free, hassle-free.

This website was forged out of a love for gift giving.

When I was a teenager, I discovered that words alone didn't always pass muster when I wanted to let the people in my life know how much I cared about them. There had to be something more, something else, that could help "my people" feel they were authentic, special, unique. How could I possibly let them know? What more could I do?

So I started giving gifts that were MY WAY of giving gifts, and over the years, the one thing that remains true about the gifts I give is that while they are about me, they're not me, nor are they for me. They are the only gifts to be given to who they are given to, and they are gifts that single out and celebrate people in my life who are IN my life. Because we are so undeniably intertwined in each of our own life's journeys, this has become my core to giving gifts. And unique ones at that!

So many ideas, so many gifts to give. It was either

a) get a thousand more friends, or
b) share my ideas with all you other gift givers out there.

My decision is now obvious. In my wake, I leave the evidence of what I came up with and what you can make possible.

See my new website for some truly unique gifts....wishful-filled creations that speak for your heart.

And I will ALWAYS respect you with my PRIVACY Policy.


One thing I did want to mention - I'm just two red shoes away from a Clown College least that's the expression I use to describe who I really am.

I love a good joke and exercise my laughing muscles on a regular basis. And sometimes I'll just do it in public places to discover most people just want to feel good too. I tell ya, my lid is on a little too tight; I am off my gourd, a foole (the e is silent), an idiot from, a wannabee.

Laughter really is the best medicine and it is my gift. I love my gift and I hope to share it with you on the pages of this website.

                                                                           What the?

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