Birth Flowers for the
Months July - December

Their birth, their month, their flower, their day.

Birth flowers can be the answer you're looking for when you want to heighten the mood of the celebration of your favorite loved one's birthday.

If you know the background and have the knowledge about what each of the birth flowers represent, ALL THE BETTER. The right flower will add that extra "memory maker" quality to your gifts.

Here are the birth month flowers for the latter half of the year,
July, August, September, October, November, and December.

JULY (first flower)

Larkspur (Delphinium)
Birth Flowers

Larkspur Flowers
  • intense and passionate attachment to someone
  • an open heart
  • light heartedness & levity, fickleness                          
  • juice crushed from the flowers was used by early North American settlers to make ink
  • the scientific name means dolphins as the buds of the flowers resemble these wondrous ocean creatures

***************Go Unique GIFT IDEAS***************

Fantastic swimmers born in July; he or she as relates to dolphins in water (grace, fluid motion, streamlined) can be given Larkspurs.

Larkspur flowers send the message that you value laughter. Let them know you love their good company and humor.

JULY (second flower)

Water Lily Flowers

Water Lily Flowers
  • staying power for survival; the seed can survive in between plantings of 2000 years
  • in Asia it is called the lotus; symbolizes absolute truth and purity
  • blooms only at night spreading their perfume over the waters where they grow
  • Greek name after the nature goddesses, Nymphs

***************Go Unique GIFT IDEAS***************

Give water lilies to express awe in someone who has great perseverance or fortitude to keep on keeping on in whatever struggle they may have.

Great for a teenager who sleeps all day and blossoms full awake for the night life.

Give to someone who is the outdoors type and loves mother earth.

Find the birth month flowers for the first half of the year.

AUGUST (first flower)

Gladiola Birth Flowers

  •  derived from the latin word meaning sword
  • symbolic meaning for strength of character
  • the gladiola reminds us that strength of character and integrity can look gorgeous and be full of rich personality

***************Go Unique GIFT IDEAS***************

Great way to give a boy flowers; mention the word Gladiator and sword and maybe give the Disney movie "Hercules" to reinforce the whole package of receiving flowers. The Gladiolas can become a traditional gift each year they would come to expect from You. Right into adulthood.

Put a play on the word GLADiolas. Give the flowers on their birthday and simply put a note indicating how GLAD you are that they are having another birthday, how GLAD you are that the person is now at the age they are at, how GLAD...

AUGUST (second flower)

Poppy Flowers for August Birth Month

Poppy Flowers for August Birth Month

  • meanings - consolation, imagination, pleasure, wealth, success

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SEPTEMBER (first flower)

Aster Birth Flower

Aster September Birth Flower
  • Latin meaning "star"
  • Symbol of love, faith, daintiness, wisdom, valor, light
  • The flower of magic and transcendence with the beginning of autumn
  • September birthdays contain elements of seeing aspects of life often

***************Go Unique GIFT IDEAS***************

Whoever is having a birthday can be the Star for the day.
A whole yearly theme can evolve from this with jewelry, or a day at a spa for complete "star" treatment.
Or have a bouquet arrangement that includes sparkly stars and asters.
A dainty ballerina who's born in September can receive asters.

SEPTEMBER (second flower)

Morning Glory Birth Flowers

Morning Glory September Birth Flower
  • symbolism of vibrance and awareness in thought
  • has sap in it which ancient meso-american civilizations used to vulcanize rubber and make bouncy balls.

***************Go Unique GIFT IDEAS***************

Use the bouncy rubber balls aspect for the fun side of the day, writing messages on each of the balls.

For a child give the Disney movie "El Dorado" - they use a bouncy ball in that movie with great results! Tell them the story about the morning glory flowers that you include with the gift to them.

OCTOBER (first flower)

Calendula Birth Flowers

Calendula October Birth Flower
  • a rugged flower that's not particular about where it grows
  • its broad colorful flowers follow the path of the sun throughout the day
  • meanings - ambitious, respectable, sacred affection
  • October birthday people are known for being warm, receptive, easy-going and easy to talk to

***************Go Unique GIFT IDEAS***************

So much can be done with Calendulas.  They have such a variety of Culinary Uses; flavor ice cream with a liquid made from the petals...

Use the words "rugged" and "not finicky" to describe someone you know who is born in October and shows this in their personality. Let them know they are just like a Calendula.

Maybe your birthday person loves the colors of the Calendula. Theme gift them with all items representing the hue of orange.

Your birthday person is ambitious. Give Calendulas.

Your October person worships the sun; Calendulas turn and follow the sun from dawn to dusk.

I've also used these flowers as a great example on the Meanings of Flowers page. 

October (second flower)

Cosmos Birth Flowers

Cosmos October Birth Flower
  • very fragrant flowers
  • meanings- peace, modesty, creation, wholeness
  • from the latin word Kosmos meaning beautiful

***************Go Unique GIFT IDEAS***************

There is actually a cosmos that smells like chocolate - is your October person a chocolate lover?


Chrysanthemum Birth Flowers

Chrysanthemum November Birth Flower
  • associated with cheerfulness due to the array of bright colors available
  • symbolize cheerfulness, rest, loveliness, optimism, abundance, wealth

  •  means 'You are a wonderful friend'
  • 'chrysanthemum' is also used to refer to a certain type of firework shell that produces a pattern of trailing sparks similar to a chrysanthemum flower
  • called "kikus" in Japanese, chrysanthemums were featured on the Imperial Crest of Japan, and were so beloved by Japanese emperors that they sat upon chrysanthemum thrones. The Japanese still hold the chrysanthemum as a symbol of the sun, and they consider the orderly unfolding of the mum's petals to be a symbol of perfection.
  • They also presume that a single chrysanthemum petal placed in the bottom of a wine glass encourages a long and healthy life.

***************Go Unique GIFT IDEAS***************

Give a whole set of wine glasses, each with a chrysanthemum, for a milestone birthday. The November born who loves to travel to warm places - give bright chrysanthemums to represent the love of the sun.

DECEMBER (first flower)

Narcissus Birth Flowers

Narcissus December Birth Flower
  • mythological fellow who fell in love with his reflection in a lake and drowned trying to kiss himself
  • meanings-rebirth and new beginnings, stay as sweet as you are
  • same family as daffodils but smaller-flowered and bunch-flower types

Although Narcissus was vain...turn this around. If a young December born teen is struggling with self confidence, they need to be told to love themselves for who they are. Giving these flowers in this connotation is such a confidence booster! It always helps to be told some things out loud.

DECEMBER (second flower)

Poinsettia Birth Flowers

Poinsettia December Birth Flower

  • meanings-success, good cheer
  • known for its association with the holidays

***************Go Unique GIFT IDEAS***************

Poinsettia - this flower has been given the day of December 12 (USA) as Poinsettia Day. Know anyone who is born on this day? What a great flower to be born under!

DECEMBER (third flower)

Holly Birth Flowers

Holly December Birth Flower
  • meanings-domestic happiness, good wishes
  • in earlier times, holly branches were placed around the outside of a home to symbolize hospitality and to ward off evil spirits and demons
  • it is still an expression of friendship
  • associated with good times, fortune, togetherness, fertility

***************Go Unique GIFT IDEAS***************

Know anyone named Holly born in December?

Birthday for a young child. Holly to decorate their doorway so they will be protected from nightmares.

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