Birth Month Flowers
Flowers Add Pizzazz to Birthday Greetings and Gifts

Their birth, their month, their flower, their day.

Birth month flowers can be the answer you're looking for when you want to heighten the mood of the celebration of your favorite loved one's birthday.

When giving flowers to someone, we usually just quickly pick a bouquet that we think is pretty; it's appropriate to give flowers. They have a wonderful ability to stop you in your tracks and...well...make you smell the flowers.

But put some ooomph
with those flowers.

Be knowledgeable in your birthday flower decisions. Birth month flowers are the perfect start. Surprise them with a bouquet of their birth flower, especially if the live ones are available. Or give it as a potted plant ready for tender care in their garden (if they're into that). Or give flowers made from silk or tin cans or duct tape...whatever you find as the best way to interpret your friend or loved one's birthday greeting with flowers.

They will be awestruck that you have this knowledge associated with their birthday. And friends at the party will start asking you if you know what their birth flower is. (At least that's what happened to me.) Better yet, I made a mental note about these friends of mine and along with their next present or birthday wishes, they will be adorned with the birth flower they fall under.

JANUARY (first flower)

Carnation Birth Month Flowers

Pink Carnation Flower
  • symbolizes fantasy, admiration, pure love, my heart yearns for you, a mother's love
  • the carnation was one of the flowers used in Greek ceremonial crowns
  • they were also used to decorate the robes of royalty

***************Go Unique GIFT IDEAS***************

A carnation crown for a little girl's birthday. Be that wonderful relative who comes to the party and your present to the

Princess of the day is a crown of flowers that are HER flowers, her birth month flowers.

Can't you just imagine how special she'll feel with this very personal crown? You can make it yourself or ask your florist to use a little magic; ribbon weaving or a set of play jewelry to hold it all together can add the perfect touch.Your thoughtfulness will go down in that girl's history the very moment she's crowned for the day at the ceremony celebrating her birth.

Your Mother's birthday. Give carnations three times; a few days before her birthday when she won't be expecting them and tell her you admire her, the day of her birthday to celebrate the day of her birth, and a few days after to celebrate how much you truly do love her as a mother - an extra Mother's day. Three surprises. Just think how special she'll feel knowing that you set aside time to do this for her. Make the 3 bouquets part of a set. Carnations last up to 2 weeks so she'll be reminded about your love for her 3-fold!

JANUARY (second flower)

Snowdrop Birth Month Flowers

Snowdrop Flower
  • symbolizes hope and the return to life after the long winter months.
  • one legend tells about an angel who breathed on a snowflake in his hand to release it as the first snowdrop flower to comfort Eve after being banished from Eden. It was the angel who showed how Hope was born
  • another tells of the snowdrop being the first flower to bloom when spring comes around; it was the only flower that agreed when asked by God, to give some of it's color to snow (German origin)
  • they are delicate, faintly honey-scented flowers from the lily family. They have tough, grey-green leaves that extend after flowering. These have a tough sheath protecting the growing tip from damage as it chisels its way up through cold-hardened ground. 'Snow piercer' is one name given to snowdrops

***************Go Unique GIFT IDEAS***************

With a snowdrop bouquet, give snowflake jewelry - snowflakes are each a unique masterpiece of Nature floating down from heaven to become snowdrop flowers on earth. The receiver of these is also unique. Young girls/women can be told they are a masterpiece from heaven.

Born in January, a child or teen birthday is a celebration and end to a long wait for them to be born just as how we want winter to end and spring to begin. Snowdrop flowers symbolize this.

Know anyone with Hope in their full name born in January? The snowdrop can be the flower of hope; snowflakes falling in January are the precursors of Spring.

Have any skiers, snowboarders, sledders, love-to-play-in-the-snow players in your life? Nickname them "Snow Piercer" and give them snowdrop flowers with a gift suited for them.

FEBRUARY (first flower)

Iris Birth Month Flowers

February Birth Month Iris
  • in ancient times the Iris was a symbol of power
  • comes from the Greek word for rainbow
  • represent hope, peace of mind, friendship
  • symbol of fertility and love
  • the three leaves of the iris represent faith, wisdom, valor
  • traditionally used to represent royalty and the monarchs of France

***************Go Unique GIFT IDEAS***************

The Iris and a rainbow? What couldn't you come up with for gifts...

A rainbow bedroom set for a young child's room.

A pot-of-gold hunting game for a birthday party.

Red carpet royalty treatment for the birthday child; King for a day, Queen for a day.

A bouquet of different colored irises to describe the wonderment of your friendship with a person born in February.

Give your spouse a bouquet of irises as segue to starting a family.

FEBRUARY (second flower)

Violet Birth Month Flowers

Violets February Birth Flower
  • you can eat these flowers, raw or cooked
  • they have a scent that actually temporarily desensitizes your sense of smell
  •  the scent of the violet becomes elusive
  • Greeks used it in love potions to heal the heart and the head
  • were at one time the most popular flower on Valentine's. As the legend of St. Valentine goes, this Christian priest used the ink made from crushed violet blossoms that grew outside his prison cell to write notes of love and friendship. He wrote these words on violet leaves.
  • represent faithfulness and their meaning is "I return your love"

***************Go Unique GIFT IDEAS***************

Make them their favorite meal but add violets to every part of it for fulfillment of all the senses. Give them to a loved one on Valentine's Day.

FEBRUARY (third flower)

Primrose Birth Month Flowers

Primrose Birth Month Flower
  • February 5th known as Primrose Day
  • was once thought if you ate Primrose flowers you'd be able to see fairies
  • from the latin word "first" due to their early spring flowering
  • meanings of believe me, youth, sadness

***************Go Unique GIFT IDEAS***************

A February child or adolescent who is very good at sports...always "First" like the Primrose.

Primrose flowers give the promise of magic and fairies. Little girls would love receiving flowers that speak of this.

Give them their own bottled up magic - their own Personal Pixie Dust  to accompany the cutsie bouquet they'll carry primly in their hand.


Daffodil Birth Month Flowers

Daffodil Birth Month Flower
  • known as one of the first flowers of spring
  • "the sun is always shining when I'm with you"
  • represents rebirth and rejuvenation
  • is from the same family as Narcissus and Jonquils but is recognized from its larger trumpet and larger cup and yellow color
  • gives a message of warmth and regard
  • like sunshine emanating from the ground

***************Go Unique GIFT IDEAS***************

APRIL (first flower)

Daisy Birth Month Flowers

Daisy Birth Month Flower
  • origin of the chant "Loves me, Loves me not" from Victorian times Young girls would also pick a handful with their eyes closed; the number of blossoms would be the years until she would marry
  • Latin word for pretty
  • During the days of knighthood, suitors would wear a Daisy and the women would have a Daisy as a reminder to show they were available
  • innocence, pure joy

***************Go Unique GIFT IDEAS***************

When a young girl gets "boy struck", give her daisies appropriately at this age so she and her friends can play the "Loves me" game for fun.

APRIL (second flower)

Sweetpea Birth Month Flowers

Sweet Pea Birth Flower
  • great to have around because they are so pleasant
  • give off a BIG scent that attracts humans and bees
  • source of essential oil in perfumery
  • used by many gardeners because of the scent they add to the garden
  • can grow 2 meters tall if they have the support

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MAY (first flower)

Lily of the Valley Birth Month Flowers

Lily of the Valley
  • signifies the return of happiness
  • has meanings of purity of heart, sweetness, humility, you've made my life complete
  • was/is a belief this flower protects gardens from evil spirits
  • latin meaning belonging to May

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MAY (second flower)

Hawthorn Birth Month Flowers

Hawthorn Blossom Birth Flower
  •  purity
  • believed to have properties to heal a broken heart (Celtic)
  • provide great food and shelter for many species of animals, birds, and insects
  • highly recommended in water conservation landscapes
  • because Christ was given a crown of thorns at his crucifixion, the tradition of the tree's magical/heavenly associations has continued in the Christian religion

***************Go Unique GIFT IDEAS***************

Give Hawthorn to a Father - let them know how much you appreciate them for all they provide for you.

Know anyone born in May who cares about the Earth, especially water? Give them Hawthorn as a commendation and awareness of their worldly concern. Show them praise for their efforts.


****GIFT IDEAS****

Hawthorn Crown with picture of Jesus

I have a Hawthorn tree in my yard, and since embarking on my journey of birth flowers, I was just delighted to learn about this tree and the history behind it;

Hawthorn Crown

the most pleasant of all was my becoming aware of the religious significance it holds. Rather than giving my girlfriend a Lily of the Valley bouquet for her birthday, I trimmed off a few of the branches and fashioned a 'Crown of Thorns' for her which I showed her my admiration of her and the strength she holds in her faith.                                                            What the?

JUNE (first flower)

Rose Birth Month Flowers

Birth Month Rose
  • national flower of England and USA
  • all roses mean love and appreciation
  • "Everything's coming up roses" - American idiom originating in a song from the 1950s after FD Roosevelt got America through the depression years and WWII
  • in ancient Rome a rose would be placed on the door of a room where secret or confidential meetings were held
  • the phrase sub-rosa or "under the rose" means to keep a secret

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JUNE (second flower)

Birth Month Flowers Honeysuckle

Honeysuckle Flowers
  • wherever honeysuckle grows, hummingbirds and butterflies will find it bright flowers
  • cats love this plant and will come to it for pawing or scratching or enjoyment
  • meanings - the bonds of love, sweet disposition, generosity

***************Go Unique GIFT IDEAS***************

Honeysuckle can be given to a gardener who is gives their harvest to those in need. It will be a reminder to this gardener of their generosity. The plant can be given to those who love nature and want to create a haven for hummingbirds or butterflies. Great way to encourage a nature photographer by creating the opportunities for great photos right in their back yard.

Give this plant (tree) to a cat lover (but only if they have a yard to plant it in). It's effects are similar to catnip.

Let Flowers Do the Talking for You

Some trivia for you:

In 1879, naturalist Charles Darwin wrote a letter to a colleague in which he wondered about the seemingly sudden appearance of flowering plants (angiosperms) in a world that had previously known only gymnosperms (plants with exposed seeds, such as conifers). And it is a mystery that has largely persisted to this day.

Botanically speaking, angiosperms means plants that flower and they represent the most advanced condition among all the plants of the earth. Over 130 million years ago, their mystifying appearance and diversification (to at least 300,000 species) forced Darwin to state “The rapid rise and early diversification of angiosperms is an abominable mystery.”

Abominable is quite the word for a description, especially if you consider how breathtakingly beautiful flowers are, very much the opposite. Mysterious? To the regular joe or joeleen, yes. Abominable? Only to botanists seeking understanding and origin.

When you gift someone with their birth flower for their color or meaning, make sure you let your gift recipient know why you gave them the way you did. It adds that much more meaning to the flower for creating lasting memories.

Although flowers don't last forever, it shows you want to celebrate the moment in its immediacy...right now....because birthdays are only one day of the year.

And now, when you give the flowers, you will be able to say so much more. Include a card with these flowers. Give your sentiments about these birth month flowers and why they represent that person and the month they are born in.

They'll love you for the fact that you gave them the flowers and birth month flowers at that! Now, make it more memorable by also letting them know how much you know about them - their birth month flower and any legends, myths or stories that are associated with them.

Now that's paying attention to who they are! And relating the flowers to who that person is!


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