Color Meanings and Symbolism

Apart from simply adding beauty, color meanings and symbolism can make for a greater impact in unique gift giving.

We are surrounded by color. Our world is full of color. Whether we realize it or not, we are also affected by the colors that fill our lives - and without realizing it a lot of the time, we choose or gravitate towards colors by the way they make us feel - that's where the symbolism comes from. Example: in the northern hemisphere red is recognized for hot or stop or love. This is an easy one. But did you know that almost every color under the sun has had some sort of meaning attached to it? And by different races and cultures around the world? Colors make us feel and colors help us to visually describe ourselves and our emotions.

To emphasize how deep this goes, if you were to tell someone you were ecstatic, full of glee and cheery beyond control but used the color grey to visually present your words, many people would be a tad bit confused. Grey? That usually means dull, drab, depressed (which may originally come from storm clouds - nothing cheery about that!).

So let's look at some colors.

The color meanings and symbolism of these colors (as well as some of the different shades of each) are listed here for you. Some meanings you'll probably know, but others may surprise you.

We've included the ROYBGIV (red, orange, yellow, blue, green, indigo, violet) colors of the rainbow BUT have added a few extra to give you an idea how colors have been chosen and then recognized for a particular meaning. Knowing this about color can come in quite handy for creating a mood, especially if you are wanting to create a certain effect or feeling when you giving gifts; especially if you're giving unique gifts such as Captured Wishes - you've probably never seen gift giving as incredibly personal as this!

white color meaings and symbolism
black color meanings and symbolism
blue color meanings and symbolism
teal color meanings and symbolism

Want to learn more about color? See what this expert can provide.... (great info on this site!) Or look at the colorful layers used in these unique gifts:

Captured Wishes ready to gift banner with colorful vessels holding colorful layers
brown color meanings and symbolism
green color meanings and symbolism
orange color meanings and symbolism
purple color meanings and symbolism
yellow color meanings and symbolism
indigo color meanings and symbolism
red color meanings and symbolism
burgundy color meanings and symbolism
silver color meanings and symbolism
gold color meanings and symbolism

Color meanings and symbolism help us view the world a little differently.

Did you see your favorite color here? Doesn't it make you think now about why you like it...because it makes you feel a certain way. Color meanings and symbolism have a greater influence than we realize. You can think in black and white. But then again, that's thinking in color. HA!

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