Flower Meanings Chart

Welcome unique gift giving thinkers! This Flower Meanings Chart is your dream come true when it comes to gifting with flowers.You'll never look at flowers the same again when you learn that every flower has meaning, symbolism, and actually speaks it's own language.

Flowers, by their wondrous beauty, call attention to themselves just by existing.

YET..when it's you that gives them, their ability to bring pleasure increases ten-fold because they will now be blended with your unique knowledge and gifting style that will absolutely personalize the flower to your gift recipient. It will seem as if the flower exists for them alone.

Already know HOW you feel and WHAT you want to SAY?

Here's a Chart that lists the feeling or word first, THEN the flower that says it.

Although this list is by no means complete, it's important that you also know what these flowers actually look like, especially if you've got an idea in mind for a type of flower and gift for someone in particular. If you're like me, you've seen a lot of these flowers before but for the life of you can't remember what they're called. Refresh your memory with an image.

Picture examples of each of these flowers can be accessed if you
Google Search them under Images. For accuracy, add the word "flower" following the name, i.e. 'Carnation Flower'.

Need more info about a certain flower to inspire gift ideas?

Check out Flower Info.org and their listings.  This page hopefully provides interesting background on popular/easily recognizable flowers.

This Flower Meanings Chart is full of flower symbolism - there may be some meanings that come from different cultures, from the east and west and around the world - even Latin language and the age of the Greeks.

To some plants and flowers a persistent meaning has been attributed to them through time and over the ages. You'll also see, and it's probably a good thing, that more than one flower has the same meaning. AND many of the flowers have multiple meanings. As well, the time of year or season it is also defines the availability of flowers. You may want to have a certain flower but your florist may have to use a substitute to arrive at the same meaning


It's all about flower symbolism in this Flower Meanings Chart

Don't forget. Whatever flower gift you put together, send along a card, a note, a letter, a plaque, a personalized inscription on a mirror, a caption, SOMETHING that explains why it is you are giving them what you are giving them.

They need to know your feelings through the flowers.

Transfer your emotions to them through the flowers.


MEANINGS CHART to provide Inspiration Gift Giving Idea Guide

Absinth (Wormwood) Separation, Torment of Love, Affection, Absence, Bitterness, Protection for travellers
Abutilon Meditation
Acacia, Rose or White Platonic love/friendship, Elegance
Acacia, Yellow Concealed or hidden love (secret)
Acanthus The Arts, Genius
Adam’s Needle (Yucca) Best Friends
Agapanthus (Lily of the Nile) Love letters, Comes from the Greek word agape, (meaning love) & anthos, (meaning flower), Secret love
Allium Patience, Unity, Humility, Prosaically named the flowering onion
Almond Blossom Hope, Thoughtlessness (youthful), Contemplation
Aloe Sorrow, Grief, Integrity, Bitterness, Wisdom
Amaranth Affection, Immortality, Unchangeable, Derived from Greek meaning “unfading”, Immortal love, May also be given as a crown or garland to express the wish of good fortune to the receiver
Amaryllis (belladonna lily or naked lady) Splendid beauty, Pride
Ambrosia Your love is returned and reciprocated
Flower Meanings Chart
Anemone Truth, Sincerity, Abandonment, Forsaken, From the Greek word meaning wind, Love that is diminishing, Sickness, Vanishing hopes, Death, Parting, Transition
Anemone, Garden Faith
Anthurium (Flamingo Flower) Little Boy flower, The heart, Hard working, Think of me, Hospitality
Apricot Blossom Timid love
Apple Blossom Preference, Temptation, Fame speaks well of him/her (because they are so great and good), Good fortune, Sign of better things to come, Strong liking for someone, Promise
Arborvitae True and unchanging friendship
Arum (also Jack in the Pulpit) Intense feeling of love, Used for 7th Wedding Anniversaries
Arbutus I love only thee
Asphodel (King's Spear) Regret, Languor (lack of spirit or interest), Apathetic Stagnation, Standstill, Distinterest
Flower Meanings Chart
Aster Afterthought, Daintiness, Delicacy, Fidelity, Greek word meaning Star, Symbol of love, Sentimental recollections, Contentment, September Birth Flower 20th Wedding Anniversary
Astilbe I’ll still be waiting, Worldly pleasures (the good things in life)
Azalea Romance, Short-lived passion, Infatuation, Quick and fleeting love (ephemeral), Symbol of womanhood in China, Take care of yourself for me, Temperance (self-restraint)
Azalea, White First love

Wait. Not sure this is what you're looking for? Already know how you're feeling?

Then put those words into flowers.  Flower CHART Guide that shows you which flower can say it for you.  The guide is unique in that you can find your feeling or emotion first and THEN see which flower speaks that.

Baby's Breath Festivity, Gaiety, Gladness, Innocence, Purity of Heart, Celebration
Bachelor’s Buttons Blessedness of being single, Celebacy
Balm, Bee (Monarda or Bergamot) Compassion, Empathy, Your “wiles” are irresistible!
Balsam Fervent love
Begonia Highly popular, Unrequited love, Be cautious, Daydreamer, You have a fanciful mind, Whimsical, Deep thoughts (spirituality
Begonia, Strawberry Cleverness
Bells of Ireland Whimsy, Good luck, Best wishes
Bellflower (Campanula) Aspiring, Seek ambitiously; to be eagerly desirous - especially for something great or of high value, Indiscretion
Flower Meanings Chart
Bird of Paradise Freedom, Given by a gal to a guy to symbolize faithfulness, Good perspective, Festivity, Celebration, Magnificence, Used for 9th Wedding Anniversaries
Black-eyed Susan Encouragement, Motivation, Justice
Blazing Star (Liatris) I'll try again
Bleeding Heart Fidelity, Elegance
Bluebell Constancy, Kindness, Gratitude, Humility, Believed to call Fairies when rung
Borage Courage, Bluntness, Directness,Rudeness,Speak your mind
Buttercup Rich in charms, Cheerfulness, Childishness, Riches, Symbolic for self worth and confidence, Symbolic for the power of words - once something is spoken it can never be taken back

Cactus Bravery, Endurance, Maternal love, My heart burns with love, Symbolic for riches and beauty-if we work hard enough we will be rewarded ten-fold
Caladium Immense delight and joy
Calendula Ambitious, Respectable, Sorrow, Sympathy October birth flower
Camellia (general) Good luck gift for a man, Gratitude, Perfection, Perfected loveliness, Contentment, Steadfastness, Transience of life, Elegantly delicate
Camellia, Blue You are the flame in my heart
Camellia, Pink Longing for you-I long for your touch
Flower Meanings Chart
Camellia, Red Excellence
Camellia, White You're adorable
Canna Lily (or Flowering Reed) Confide in Heaven
Candytuft Indifference
Cardinal Distinction, Pleasure
Carnation (general) Fascination, Friendship, Vanity, Worker's flower, Symbolic for teaching us to find love that is between souls and not purely physical attraction, In the 17th century troops sported carnations as a sign of their bravery, Chosen as the symbol for Mother's day in 1907, January birth flower, Used for 1st Wedding Anniversaries
Carnation (solid color) The answer is YES. Official flower for Mother's Day
Carnation, Pink I'll never forget you, Undying love
Flower Meanings Chart
Carnation, Purple Capriciousness (flighty, on a whim), Fanciful, Witty
Carnation, Red Aching heart, Admiration, Deep pure love, Used for 17th Wedding Anniversaries
Carnation, Striped No, Refusal, I can't be with you
Carnation, White Good luck gift for a woman, Innocence, Pure love, Sweet and lovely
Carnation, Yellow Rejection, You have disappointed me
Cattail Peace, Prosperity
Chamomile Energy in adversity, Patience, Ingenuity, Initiative, Help you with your weariness
Chrysanthemum (general) Abundance, Cheerfulness, Optimism, Rest, Wealth, You are a wonderful friend to me, November birth flower, Used for 13th Wedding Anniversaries
Chrysanthemum, Red I love you
Chrysanthemum, White Truth, Loyal love
Chrysanthemum, Yellow Slighted love
Cinquefoil Beloved daughter, Meekness
Clematis Artifice, Clever, Trickery, Craftiness, Ingenuity, Unchanged for eternity, Mental beauty, see also Traveller's Joy and Virgin's Bower, Used for 8th Wedding Anniversaries
*Clover, 4 leaf Will you be mine? (*not a flower), Symbolism reminds us to appreciate when good things happen to us, Spiritually we should value true love and the bond it creates between two people
Clover, White Think of me
Cockscomb/Celosia Silliness, Humor, Fun
Columbine Resolved to win, Deserted love, Folly, During the Gothic era the columbine gained a reputation of having powers to ward off evil
Coreopsis Always cheerful
Cornflower Delicacy, Refinement, Healing properties, Loyalty, Constancy
Cosmos Modesty, Beautiful, October birth flower, Used for 2nd Wedding Anniversaries
Crocus Pleasure of hope, Cheerfulness, Heavenly bliss, Youthful gladness, Glee(mirth), Greek Gods considered it the epitome of things charming and sweet, Associated with hallucination and ecstasy due to it's heady scent, Aphrodisiac
Crown of Roses Beware of virtue
Flower Meanings Chart
Cyclamen Voluptuousness, Goodbye, Resignation

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Daffodil Regard, Respect, Chivalry, Gracefulness, Sunshine, Unrequited love, Symbolic for the power of inner beauty and clarity of thought; many decisions are easier if they are not over analyzed but instead clarified and soundly resolved, March birth flower, Used for 10th Wedding Anniversaries
Dahlia My gratitude could never match your care, Elegance, Dignity, Forever thine, Good taste, Novelty, Symbolic for holding our head high no matter what the circumstances and to always keep pride in our accomplishments, A single Dahlia symbolizes “good taste”, Used for 14th Wedding Anniversaries
Dahlia, (double) Participation
Dahlia, Variegated I think of you constantly!
Dahlia, White Gratitude to parents
Dahlia, Yellow I am happy that you love me!
Daisy Beauty, Innocence, New born baby, I will never tell, Loyal love, Purity, Symbolic of increasing awareness, creativity and inner strength (self discovery). It reminds us that through creativity anything can be created and accomplished, Named the love flower (flos amoris), Love's oracle (loves me, loves me not), Derived from Latin "margarita", French named it Marguerite; Queens named Margaret decorated themselves with this flower, April birth flower, Used for 5th Wedding Anniversaries
Daisy, English Newborn baby
Daisy, Gerbera Friendship, Sadness, Needing Protection
Daisy, Oxeye A token of affection, Patience
Dandelion Love's oracle, Happiness, Hope, Summer, Love me, Magic of wishes, Affection returned, Desire
Daylily Flirting (coquetry)
Flower Meanings Chart
*Dead leaves Sadness (*this is not a flower)
Delphinium Agility, Big-hearted, Fun, From the Greek word meaning dolphin
Dianthus (Pink) Lively and pure affection, Boldness, Newlyweds, Fascination, Talent
Dittany Childbirth
Dogwood Faithfulness, Am I indifferent to you? Durability, Persistence, Stamina

Edelweiss Courage, Daring, Noble Purity
Eglantine (Wild Rose) Poetry, Spring
Elder Flower Zeal
Epigaea Budding
Eremurus Endurance
Eucalyptus Protection
Eupatorium Delay
Euphorbia Persistance
Evening Primrose Shy type of admiration, Shy type of devotion, a shy crush
Everlasting Constancy, Neverending memory

Fern Confidence, Fascination, Magic, Sincerity
Fern, Maidenhair Discretion, Secret bond of love
Fir Time, Endurance, Determination
Flax Symbol of domesticity, A "stay at home" person, I am keenly aware of your kindness, Benefactor
Forget-me-not Memories, Humility, True love, Exactly as it says, mythology describes this as the flower picked by a knight for his sweetheart before going to battle, One legend has it that God himself called it that because the plant was unable to remember the name it had been given when the world was created, Longing for loyalty
Forsythia Anticipation, Expectation
Flower Meanings Chart
Foxglove Insincerity, Believed to keep evil away if grown in the garden, The most famous of medicines, Digitalis which treats congestive heart failure, is derived from Foxglove
Frangipani (Plumeria) Shelter, Protection – portrays security for someone so they will be free from any harm or wrong doing
Freesia Innocence, Spirited, Trust, Thoughtfulness, Used for 7th Wedding Anniversaries
Fuschia Amiability, Good taste, Used for 3rd Wedding Anniversaries

Garlic Courage, Strength, (and yes, it does produce flowers)
Galax Friendship, Encouragement
Gardenia Secret love, You are lovely – feminine charm, Sweet love
Geranium (general) Folly, Affection that exists between husband and wife, Comfort, Used for 4th Wedding Anniversaries
Geranium, Pink Doubt
Geranium, Scarlet Folly, Stupidity, Distrust, Your smile bewitches me!
Flower Meanings Chart
Geranium, White Indecision, Symbolic of happiness, healing, and renewed joy, This reminds us to take time to savor the moments in life that make us truly happy
Gerbera Gentleness, Friendship, Loyal love, Purity, Strength, You are the sunshine of my life
Gladiolas Generosity, Give me a break, I'm really sincere, Strength of character, Admiration, Latin for sword, Symbolic of receptivity to divine will, This reminds us to remain open to the thoughts and emotions of the angels and guided masters, August birth flower, Used for 40th Wedding Anniversaries
Globe Amaranth Unfading love, Immortality
Globeflower Gratitude
Globeflower, Orange Generosity
Gloxinia Love at first sight
Goldenrod Encouragement, Be cautious, Good fortune, Indecision, From the Latin word meaning to make whole or strengthen
Goats-Rue Reason
*Grass (*just grass, definitely not a flower) Usefulness, Submission, The fleeting quality of life

Hawthorn Hope, Ancient Greece - Hope at weddings, Romans - used hawthorn leaves to ward off evil spirits in cradles, May birth flower
Heather, Lavender Admiration, Beauty, Solitude
Heather, Pink Good luck
Heather, White Protection from danger, Wishes will come true
Heliotrope Devotion, Infatuation, Eternal love
Hisbiscus Consumed by love, Delicate beauty, Symbolic of femininity, sexuality and warmth
Holly Coming of joys, Foresight, Forecast, Precognition, Goodwill, Domestic Happiness, Enchantment, December birth flower
Hollyhock Fruitfulness, Abundance, Productive Liberality, Hip or hep, Used for 13th Wedding Anniversaries
Hollyhock (White) Female ambition
Honeyflower Affection, Secret love, Sweet disposition
Honeysuckle Generous and devoted affection - Bonds of love, Happiness, A wedding will follow, Symbol of lasting pleasure and also for permanence and steadfastness (devoted love), Sweet disposition, Generosity, Ravishing, June birth flower
Flower Meanings Chart
Honeysuckle, Coral I love you
Hyacinth Flower dedicated to Apollo, Play, Games and sports, Rashness, Death and revival
Hyacinth, Blue Constancy, Undying devotion
Hyacinth, Pink/Red Play
Hyacinth, Purple I'm sorry, Please forgive me, Sorrow
Hyacinth, Red/Pink Play
Hyacinth, White I admire you, Loveliness, I'll pray for you
Hyacinth, Yellow Greek symbolism for Nature's death and revival (Winter becomes Spring), Frequently used as wedding flowers during the Italian Renaissance, Fragrance from the Hyacinth is known as being narcotic in its intensity
Hydrangea Frigidity, You are cold, Heartlessness, Thank you for understanding, Vanity, Used for 4th Wedding Anniversaries

Indian Cress Resignation
Immortal Flowers (Xeranthemum) Unfading remembrance
Ipomoea I attach myself to you, Embrace, Hug
Iris (general) Faith, Hope, Promised love, I have a message for you, Polished rhetoric, Your friendship means so much to me, Conquest, Protection from evil, Wisdom and valor, Named after the Greek goddess of the rainbow, Symbolic of higher inspiration, reminding us to keep our minds open so we are able to receive the thoughts and guidance of angels, Leaves signify rhetoric of a sword of the intellect, Ancient Greeks called it the sword lily, February birth flower, Used for 25th Wedding Anniversaries
Iris, Blue Faith & hope, Used for 45th Wedding Anniversaries
Iris (German/Bearded) Flame
Iris, Purple Wisdom, Compliments to you
Iris, White Purity
Iris, Yellow Passion
Ivy Affection, Dependence, Fidelity, Friendship, Wedded love

Japonica Cheers my soul, Enticement, Temptation,
Jasmine, Indian Attachment, Love, Sensuality, Separation
Jasmine, Red Glee, Folly
Jasmine, Spanish Sensuality
Jasmine, White Amiability, Cheerfulness
Flower Meanings Chart
Jasmine, Yellow Elegance, Grace, Modesty, Timidity
Jerusalem Oak Your love is reciprocated
Jonquil Affection is returned and you are loved and wanted, Desire, Love me, Sympathy
Juniper Chastity, Eternity

Kennedia Intellectual beauty
King's Spear (Asphodel) Regret, Languor (lack of spirit or interest), Stagnation,

Laburnum Blackness, I'm feeling neglected, Forsaken
Lady's Seal Be my support
Lady's Slipper Capricious beauty, Win me over
Larkspur (general) Levity, Lightness, An open heart, Swiftness July birth flower
Larkspur Pink Fickleness
Larkspur, Purple Sweet disposition
Larkspur, White Happy-go-lucky, Joyful
Laurel Achievement in the Arts, Accomplishment, Glory, Success
Lavender Constancy, Devotion, Love, Mistrust, from Latin meaning to wash, Symbolic of magic, protection, healing, and vision, It reminds us to believe in the impossible, Also reminds us of the power and beauty of love
Lemon Balm Compassion, Empathy
Lemon Blossom Fidelity in love - I promise to be true
Lilac (general) Beauty, Pride, Remembrance, Sympathy, Confidence, Used for 8th Wedding Anniversaries
Lilac, Mauve Do you still love me?
Lilac, Purple First emotion of love
Lilac, Pink Acceptance, Youth
Lilac, White My first dream of love, Youthful innocence
Lily (general) Honor, Majesty, Purity of heart, Sympathy, Pure soul resurrection, Symbolism - reminds us that our good deeds do not need to be seen by a lot of people and we do not need to tell everyone about them, Used for 30th Wedding Anniversaries
Lily, Calla Beauty, Used for 6th Wedding and 55th Wedding Anniversaries
Lily, Day Coquetry (flirting, frivolous conduct), Forget your worries, Omen for a baby boy in pregnancy, Used for 20th Wedding Anniversaries
Lily, Eucharis Maiden charms
Lily, Orange Pride, Wealth, Hatred
Lily, Peruvian Fortune, Wealth, Prosperity
Lily, Scarlet High-souled aspirations
Lily, Tiger Pride, Wealth
Lily, Water Absolute truth and purity, Eloquence, July birth flower
Flower Meanings Chart
Lily, White It's heavenly to be with you, Purity, Virginity
Lily, Yellow I'm walking on air, gay
Lily of the Valley Return of happiness, Humility, Lucky in love, Healing, Making the right choice, Let's make up, Sweetness, Tears of the Virgin Mary, Unity, in Chinese tradition it represents wishes for 100 years of love, May birth flower, Used for 2nd Wedding Anniversaries
Lotus Eloquence, Estranged love, Forgetful of the past, Mystery, Trust, Fertility, Purity, Perfection
Lotus, Blue Wisdom, Knowledge, Victory over the senses, the Wisdom of knowledge (Buddhism)
Lotus, Pink Represents the Buddha
Lotus, Red Purity of Heart, Original nature (your true self), Compassion, Passion
Lotus, White Spiritual perfection, Complete mental purity
Love-in-a-mist (Nigella) Ancient times it reminded people of a young woman with loose hair, Victorian times symbolism meant you puzzle me and unrequited love
Lucerne Life
Lupine Imagination, Voraciousness


Be creative with your gifting of flowers. Think in flower sentences. Here's an example. On Mother's Day or her birthday, give your Mom an interesting bouquet of Dahlias (gratitude), Sunflowers (adoration) and Light Pink Roses (admiration). If you have a fun relationship with your mother like I do, attach a card that just says "GAA!" Then explain yourself, of course.

OR...You've got a crazy, zany, offbeat, funny BFF who you just love to pieces. Give her Chrysanthemums (You are a wonderful friend to me) and Gerberas (They're daisies and they symbolize friendship), and add some Cockscomb (sillyness and humor)...then add this famous quote from Alice in Wonderland:

Daisy 1: What kind of a garden do you come from? Alice: Oh, I don't come from any garden. Daisy 2: Do you suppose she's a wildflower?

What the?

Magnolia Dignity, Keep the faith & don't give up, Love of nature, Nobility, Peserverence, Splendid beauty
Mallow Delicate beauty, Sweetness, Among one of the oldest plants known to man, Greek era - Mallow symbolized the basic food stuffs of humankind; used as a source of food (the fruit of the mallow resembles small cakes and is pleasantly sweet, Christian symbolism meaning was healing, Victorian era it was a sign of asking for forgiveness, Aphrodisiac with magical powers
Mandrake Scarcity, Rarity
Maple Keep it to yourself
Marigold Affection, Cruelty, Grief, Jealousy, Love potion, Trouble, Called Mary's Gold by early Christians who placed garlands of marigolds by statues of the Virgin Mary, In Victorian symbolism giving marigolds meant life was following its preordained path the same way the flower follows the sun
Marjoram, Sweet Kindness, Comfort, Consolation, Happiness, Joy
Marvel of Peru Flame of love, Timidity
Mayflower Welcome
Mimosa Secret love, Sensitivity
Mistletoe Affection, Kiss me, Parasite
Monks Hood Beware, deadly foe is near
Morning Glory Affection, Love in vain, September birth flower, Used for 11th Wedding Anniversaries
Moss Charity, Maternal love
Myrtle Joy, Love, Mirth (gladness or gaiety accompanied with laughter), Mutual agreement, Married bliss, Perfect flower for a bride to wear in their hair; grooms carried myrtle at the marriage, Greek authorities making announcements held myrtle in their hands, It is not unusual for these flowers to be traded amongst friends to express the wish that the recipient receive all of the joys that life has to offer.

Narcissus Stay as sweet as you are, Egotism, Self-admiration,Selfishness, Vanity, Death, December birth flower, Used for 10th Wedding Anniversaries
Nasturtium Conquest, Patriotism, Victory in Battle, Used for 40th Wedding Anniversaries
Nettle Cruelty
Flower Meanings Chart
Nigella Kiss me twice before I rise
Nightshade Truth

Oak Hospitality
Oleander Caution, Beauty, Grace
Olive Peace
Orange Blossom Chastity, Eternal love, Innocence, Marriage, Promise of love, Fruitfulness, Used for 1st Wedding Anniversaries
Orange Milkweed Deceit
Orange Tree Generosity, the fruit symbolizes Paradise
Orchid, Butterfly Magnificence, Beauty, Love
Orchid (general) Beauty, Love, Refinement, Chinese symbol for many children, Used for 14th Wedding, 28th Wedding and 60th Wedding Anniversaries
Orchid, Cattleya Mature charm
Orchid, Cymbidium Luxury, Magnificence, These orchids are well known for their use as corsages as they do not bruise easily, are available in many colors and are long lasting
Orchid, Ophrys Fly Mistake
Orchid, Ophrys Spider Skill, Dexterity
Oxeye Daisy A token of affection, Patience

Palm Leaves Success, Victory
Pansy Holy Trinity, loyalty, Strengthens the power of the memory, Loving thoughts or “You occupy my thoughts”, Merriment, Thoughtful reflection, German word translating as "little stepmother" Used for 1st Wedding Anniversaries
Passion Flower Belief, Faith, Pretty, Spirituality, Symbolizes the death of Jesus - the sepals and the petals represent the disciples; the double row stands for the crown of thorns and the stamens stand for the wounds, Piety, Yearning for long lost paradise - "In MY world..."
Peach Blossom I am your captive
Peony Bashfulness, Happy life, Happy marriage, Shame, Regarded as an aphrodisiac, Mystical, Magical powers, Ardent love of God, Named after the Greek God of healing, Used for 12th Wedding Anniversaries
Peppermint Cordiality, Warmth of feeling
Periwinkle (general) Sweet remembrance
Periwinkle, Blue Early friendship
Periwinkle, White Pleasures of Memory
Petunia Your presence soothes me, Anger, I am furious, Resentment,
Phlox (general) Good partnership, Harmony, Our souls are united, Sweet dreams, the color of fire, unanimous
Flower Meanings Chart
Phlox, Pink Hope of a new friendship
Pine Hope
Pineapple Mint hospitality
Pineapple Sage hospitality
Pink (Dianthus) Lively and pure affection, Boldness, Newlyweds, Fascination, Talent
Platycodon Honesty, Obedience, Unchanging love, Called the Balloon flower - buds look like balloons ready to burst
Poinsettia Be of good cheer, December birth flower
Polyanthus, Crimson The heart’s mystery
Poppy (general) Dreaminess, Eternal sleep, Magical, Fruitfulness, Life and Death, the Good and the Bad, Imagination, Oblivion, August birth flower, Used for 9th Wedding Anniversaries
Poppy (red) Pleasure
Poppy, White Consolation, Dormant Affection Dreams, Sleep, Rest
Poppy, Yellow Success, Wealth
Potentilla Latin meaning powerful
Primrose I cannot live without you, Young love, Early youth (childhood), Thoughtlessness, Frivolity, February birth flower

Quaking Grass Agitation, Frivolous
Queen Anne's Lace Fantasy, Haven, Self reliance, Sanctuary
Quince Cheers me up to my very soul, Enticement, Temptation

Ranunculus Attracted to someone, Latin meaning little frog, Radiant charm
Reed Music, Imprudence (Indiscretion)
Rhododendron Beware, Danger, I am Dangerous
Rose, Black Deeper feeling of romance, Sense of mystery, Death,
Rose, Bridal Happy love
Rose, Christmas (Helloborus Niger) Tranquilize my anxiety, Peace and tranquility, Wards off evil, Cures diseases, Marks the start of a new season right at the winter solstice, Because it blooms in the snow it was believed to have magical powers to protect man from illness and cold, Highly poisonous but was reputed to relieve madness and have a positive influence on melancholy
Rose, Cream Richness, Perfection, Best qualities
Flower Meanings Chart
Rose, Damask Brilliant complexion, Beauty always new, Face of beauty
Rose, Dark Crimson Mourning
Rose, Dark Pink Thankfulness
Rose, Gold (gilded) Absolute achievement
Rose, Guelder Good news
Rose, Green Freshness, Health, Rejuvenation, Liberty, Fertility, Plenty and Copiousness
Rose, Hibiscus Delicate beauty
Rose, Lavender/Lilac Respect, Enchantment, Love at first sight, Regal majesty
Rose, Light Pink Admiration
Rose, Mauve Erotica, Sense of passion
Rose, Orange Desire, Enthusiasm, Pride
Rose, Peach Let's get together, Closing of the deal, Your qualities, like your charms, are unequalled
Rose, Pale Pink Grace, Joy
Rose, Pink Grace and sweetness, Beauty, Perfect happiness, Secret love
Rose, Pink and White I love you still and always will
Rose, Red Love, Passion
Rose, Red on White Unity
Rose, single Simplicity
Rose, Tea I'll remember always
Rose, (thornless) Love at first sight
Rose, White You're heavenly, Purity, Virginity, I am worthy of you, Silence, To honor deceased Father,
Rose, Yellow Friendship or platonic love, Infidelity, Jealousy, Highest mark of distinction, Forgive and forget
Rosebud (general) Beauty and youth, A heart innocent of love
Rosebud, Moss Confessions of love
Rosebud, Red Innocent hope, Young and beautiful, Lovely and Pure
Rosebud, White Girlhood – too young to really know about love
Rosemary Remembrance, Your presence revives me!, Glad you're here!, Invigorating, Healing balm, Memory strengthener, Devotion, Wisdom, Good luck in the new year
Roses (general) June birth flower, Used for 15th Wedding Anniversaries
Roses (general) FULL open Gratitude
Roses, mixed White and Red Unity
Roses, Yellow Used for 50th Wedding Anniversaries
Rue Grace, Manners, Regret, Repentance, Clear vision, Virtue, Beginning anew


The *Saffron Crocus - amazingly, it can be grown in your garden quite easily. Looking at it plainly, the plant--it's just a variety of autumn crocus--but from it comes saffron spice, the most expensive spice in the whole world. Tracing saffron history back 400 years, it is interesting to learn that saffron has in fact always been the most expensive spice known to the world, the reason being that it's the 3 stigmas of each plant that constitute the spice - you can imagine the vast number of crocus plants it takes to make even one ounce of spice.

The gifting of a crocus may seem like it's not a big deal until you compare it to your recipient with twists such as how valuable they are, how the words "expensive" and "costly" imply that price implies fineness, preciousness, etc. Your special person can be just like Saffron - a wondrous compilation of small beautiful parts that make them the most precious or the finest in the whole world! ... Or something like that.

Saffron Crocus Voluptousness, Be cautious about excess in pleasures, Most precious in the whole world, Glee (mirth)
Sage Female fidelity, Great respect, Esteem, Wisdom
Salvia Latin meaning to heal
Salvia, Blue Wisdom, I think of you
Salvia, Red Forever thine
Satin Flower Sincerity
Snapdragon No means NO!,You are dazzling but dangerous, Deceptive, Gracious, Capriciousness, Whimsical, Presumption, Strength
Snowdrop Consolation, Hope, January birth flower
Spider Flower Elope with me
Star of Bethlehem Reconciliation, Idleness, Purity
Statice Gratitude, Remembrance, Success, Lasting beauty, Used for 16th Wedding Anniversaries
Stock Lasting beauty, Promptness, Unpredictable, Changeable, You will always be beautiful to me, Happy life, Contented existence
Flower Meanings Chart
Stephanotis Desire to travel, Happiness in marriage, Luck, Prosperity
Strawflower Neverending remembrance
Sunflower Loyalty, Homage, Adoration, Haughtiness, Pride, Sunshine, Natural vitality, Van Gogh's inspiration, Symbolic of opportunities and happiness-reminds us to remain a child at heart; we only live once so take opportunities as they come, False riches, Used for 3rd Wedding Anniversaries
Sweet Pea Meet me!, Blissful pleasure, Tender memory, Departure, Goodbye, Thank you for a lovely time, These flowers are long lasting after being clipped, April birth flower, Used for 30th Wedding Anniversaries
Sweet William Childhood, Memory, Gallantry, Finesse, Scorn, Grant me one smile
Sweet Woodruff Cordiality, Humility, Happiness
Teasel Benefit, Mistrust of mankind (misanthropy)
Thistle Sternness, Harshness Hardworking, Dispels melancholy, Christ's deliverance, Grief, Austerity, Independence
Thornapple (Datura) I dreamed of you, Deceitful charms - a tease, Suspicion
Thrift (Cliff Roses) Sympathy
Traveller's Joy (type of Clematis) Rest, Safety
Trumpet Separation
Tuberose Dangerous pleasures, Greek meaning white flower, Voluptuousness
Tulip (general) Beautiful eyes, Charity, Emblem of Holland, 17th century "Tulipmania"- tulips were the hottest trading commodity, Fame, Perfect lover, Object of wild speculation, Spring, Wealth, Used for 11th Wedding Anniversaries
Tulip, Pink Imagination
Tulip, Red Believe me, Declaration of love
Tulip, Yellow Hopeless love, There's sunshine in your smile
Tulip, Variegated Beautiful eyes
Tulip, White Forgiveness, Lost love

Valerian Accommodating disposition, Readiness
Venus Flytrap Caught at last
Verbena Faithfulness, Pray for me, Sensibility
Veronica Fidelity
Vervain Enchantment, Sorcery
Violet (general) Innocent love, Ambitious, Resurrection, Spring,Fertility and love, Modesty, Simplicity, February birth flower, Used for 50th Wedding Anniversaries
Violet, African Used for 35th Wedding Anniversaries
Violet, Blue Faithfulness, I return to you, Love, Watchfulness
Violet, Purple You occupy my thoughts, Blue love
Violet, White The quality of being frank, open and sincere (candid), Let's take a chance, Youthful innocence
Violet, Yellow Love of your country
Virgin's Bower (type of Clematis) Craftiness, Trickery

Water Lily Eloquence, Purity of heart, Persuasion, July birth flower
Water Lily, Yellow Growing Indifference
Wall Flower Faithful in adversity, Lasting beauty
Waxflower Happiness in marriage
Weeping Willow Mourning
*Wheat (*not a flower) Prosperity, Wealth
Wild Rose (Eglantine) Poetical Person
Windflower Abandonement, Love, Sincerity
Wisteria Helpless and delicate, Poetry, Welcome, Youth
Witch Hazel A spell
Wood Sorrel Joy
Wormwood (Absinth) Separation, Torment of Love, Affection, Absence, Bitterness, Protection for travellers

Xeranthemum (Immortal Flowers) Cheerfulness under adversity, Immortality, Eternity

Yarrow Cure for heartache, Good health, Heals wounds, Dispels melancholy, Sorrow
Yew Sadness
Yucca (Adam's Needle) Best Friend

Zephyr Sincerity, Freedom from two-faced people
Zephyranth Fond caresses (gentle affection)
Zinnia (general) Thoughts of absent friends either alive or passed on
Zinnia, Magenta Lasting affection
Zinnia (mixed) in Memory of a dear friend
Zinnia, Scarlet Constancy
Zinnia, Yellow Daily remembrance
Zinnia, White Goodness

As mentioned earlier, this list is not complete, only for the reason that there are SO SO many flowers in the world - and many of them we have access to through our florists.

However, I would like to add that my research also involved actual BOOKS as well to make this chart. They were:

"The Language of Flowers" by Marina Heilmeyer (Prestel Verlag, 2006)

"Tussie Mussies, the Language of Flowers" by Geraldine Adamich Laufer, (Workman Publishing Company, 1993), and

eBook, "The Language of flowers; or, Floral Emblems of Thoughts" on openlibrary.org

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