Inside of You is the Gift
of Love, so give it
With a Big Heart

Nothing warms the cockles of the heart more than a gift of love – when what you give says “I love your way…”. Yowza, the power of love goes far in unique thinking.

Cockles…love that word. You hear it said but you never really pay attention to it. It sounds funny. You giggle, you leave it at that; just another useless expression uttered by humanity.

But I looked it up and found (and I’m just going to give you the ones that entertained me:)

It can be or cause a wrinkle or a pucker=    ;+  (lol)
It can be a candy made of sugar and flour=  :)
It can cause ripples=   }}}}}
It is a heartshaped shell=  <3


Heart shaped cockle shells as a gift of love

finally, the definition that matters most, and the one that warmed the cockles of my heart just then about this idiom:

- the depths of one’s emotions or feelings.

Love is great. Greater than
sliced bread.

Giving it, getting it, feeling it, nurturing it. Wallowing in it, speaking about it, talking about it, just plain loving it. We all love love and the best part of it is that we are all born with an innate quality that defines us as humans - the need to love and be loved.

There are different ways to show others how you feel about them. Good communication skills are a means by which you develop trust and intensify connection. The more you can communicate the more you can practise expressing how you feel and the more you will feel known and understood.

Just keep communicating, keep practising, keep sharing your love, keep giving.

Give the gift of love. Include it with your gifts. It's mandatory in the phrase Unique Gift Giving. What better way to get going on this than by expressing love through unique gift giving?

Give it as something that is heartwarming - making you feel happy because you see other people getting or finding happiness. Give it as something that can be touched or is touching; that stirs the depths of the soul. Give the gift of love as a special gift that only you can give because it's your love to share. Give it as something that is an example of how deep your feelings are.

Give the gift of love by expressing what you feel and how you feel. Don't just get a card that says "Happy Birthday, Love Mar". Get a card that embodies the moment, the day, the year that you have spent knowing and loving that person.

The gift of love should have flare, finesse, pizazz. It should be an all encompassing moment to be preserved in time.


...just getting back to the fourth word at the top of the page.I think we better go out and find some cockles. What fun it would be to give these as a gift of love whilst fabricating a story about how you traveled to the Caribbean and wrestled an octopus for twenty minutes to rise from the turbid waters successfully grasping those wondrous mollusks. Wouldn’t that just warm the innermost part of one’s being? Stir them right to the depth?

Blue Bells, cockle shells...give a skipping rope and some cockle shells to a niece or nephew. Tell them you have a big heart with this gift of love to them. Maybe those shells will still be found in their possession when time has passed and they remember your unique gift to them. Any other ideas? Or check this out. There were the cockle shells the pilgrims wore in their hats. The shiny side of the shell had pictures scratched into them which represented the pilgrimage. It was believed these shells, when blessed by the priest, were protection against spiritual foes.

Why, I don't know about you, but I'm getting a warm fuzzy feeling in my heart.


                                                                           What the?


Do some of your own heart searching - examine very carefully your feelings about something or someone or your reasons for doing something for someone. Approach and examine your own feelings about your feelings, because if you know, have, and feel love in yourself, then you can give love and pass it on.


Don't forget to use your heart...that's where ALL of the really good gifts come from.


My twin sister has the gift of music. Even when she perspires little musical notes form on her brow - that's how much music is a part of her. She started her own studio a few years ago (another province where she lives with her husband) and told me her heart's desire about having her own special music "room" filled with unique instruments and music books.

In helping my own son find his way with a guitar, I stumbled upon a child size push-button accordion and mailed it off to her thinking how I could help her; it would make a great addition to her dream.

Here is how our correspondence unfurled (new window)

She says now she'll treasure it always, that it has become an absolute constant in her thoughts about our love as twin sisters.

How do I love thee?

Let me count the ways.

Better yet...

Let me show the ways






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