Gift Recipient.
To Your People
Show 'em You know 'em!

Technically speaking, we'll call them the gift recipient. Or the Giftee. Or we could use a generic made-up name like Betty Crocker just to keep it simple. OR use all of them. Regardless, the main focus here is the person you are getting the gift for.

How do you think about them when you think about them? How well do you know them? Do you really know them when you think about them - what they like, dislike, yearn for, adore, love, cherish, hope for?


The Betty Crocker name is a made-up name. And I am not making this up, because this  unique name has been around since 1921.

Known as America's first lady of food, "Betty" was chosen simply as a friendly sounding first name, while her last name "Crocker" was used to honor a retired director of the Washburn Crosby Company which has now evolved into General Mills. (you know, the makers of Cheerios and many other popular food brands).

While responding to a jigsaw puzzle contest through Gold Medal Flour, consumers (they would have been at least 99% women back then) flooded the mail with their puzzles and questions about baking. Not wanting to disappoint these very interested consumers and to make the return letters more personal, the name was born. Then gals who worked at the office were asked to make up a signature (the most distinct one is still used today).

The customers were happy and kept coming back for great service. So popular and trustworthy this new character was, Betty eventually got a voice, a radio show, kitchens, cookbooks, and even her own picture in 1936.

And she has evolved to be the icon she is today.

So as common as a name appears to be, really knowing something about someone can be as simple as knowing the history of their name.

Maybe you know someone who could be a Betty Crocker...what unique gifts would you give them?

FOCUS here for a minute.

moving lines illusion

You are getting s l e e p y. . . . . . s l e e p y . . . . . . . .z z z z z z

1 2 3 (snap!)

WHO is the person you will be giving the gift to?

Describe your gift recipient, your giftee.

Naturally there are other people, others who know them and know them well, BUT you need to think firstly about your relationship with them. What is the special "thing" that you, especially you, know about your Giftee that will help you to celebrate them?

Who are they?
How Well Do You Know Them?
Really. How well do you know them?

Think about this person. What is it that makes you truly at ease or comfortable or just plain happy when you are in their company? Why do you have a bond with them? What is the make-up of your relationship? What makes it what it is?

Sometimes it can be as simple as a twinkle in their eye that catches you off guard. Sometimes it's how you react to one another in life's situations that sews you together in your special bond. Sometimes its what they do and how they do it. Sometimes it's what they say and how they say it. Sometimes it's what they don't do. Sometimes it's what they doo, do. (Dogs do doo-doo). No matter, you simply enjoy your gift recipient for one quality or another. Only you can define it.

But don't stop there.

In the relationship you have with gift recipient Betty C, what you need to realize is they have already given a gift to you. Do you know what it is?

They give, they share, without being conscious about it, a part of themselves, a quality that makes them who they are.

We humans usually cultivate relationships with other humans because we are attracted to each other. We perceive personality traits in other people that we admire and are grateful for, traits that we feel we do not have in ourselves. We all perceive our friends and family as certain people, we see their personal qualities in a certain light and use that connection to bond with them - because it gives us a good feeling and gets us into a nice feel-good comfort zone that we want to keep and develop, and nurture. So now you need to answer this question; how much value do you place on the relationships that you have with the people in your life and how will you celebrate them? There is more than one Giftee on your list and each must be valued distinctly and uniquely.

Your gift recipient - their heart's desire will be revealed if you look for it.

It is the unique gift giver who really takes the time to seek and find, to discover and know, the real person they are buying a gift for and their true heart's desire.

You are a unique gift giver and you can grasp the wherewithal when it comes to your gift recipient and the relationship you have with them. Ultimately, expressing the value of that relationship will become the easiest part to celebrating it.

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