Hospitality Thank You Gifts

You felt welcomed, so welcomed that your grand hosts deserve a hospitality thank you gift - something that reminds them of their graciousness and generosity while at the same time reminding them of your gratitude in a unique way.

Whether it was a short overnight stay while passing through town, or touring a newcomer, or familiarizing a new resident to the area, or a late night festive gathering where a little too much celebrating warranted a sleep over, fact, any situation that ends up where you're needing a layover, it's always fantastic when someone steps up to the plate and offers their hospitality. Feeling completely welcomed into someone's home can bring on strong motivation for wanting to give a gift in return. The reasons are simple; feeling comfortable without expectations, feeling friendship without expecting it, and feeling kindness expressed in a warm and generous manner.

Burbling out endless thank yous just won't suffice. So here are some ideas for unique hospitality thank you gifts that will truly reciprocate that awesomeness you felt because you were treated so swell.

Dorothy shoes doorstopper hospitality gift

Wicked Witch Dorothy Shoes Door Stopper.

How great is this? Remind your host that all their guests who cross the threshold to their home will find and feel nothing but good.

A bottle of wine is always nice. But put a T-shirt on it.

Give a Cordial to the cordial. A play on words but this can be so delicious and fun. Recipes are easy and can be geared to the host's favorite.

Give them something pineapple –ish. That’s correct. Pineapples. There is quite the deep seated and universal history attached to this fruit and it has been long established as a symbolic image of welcome, affection, good cheer, good tidings and friendliness.

PLUMERIA can take many forms as a gift. That's right, you heard me. Plumeria It's a flower. But not just any flower. Also known by the name Frangipani, this blossom is widely used to make Leis in Hawaii.


My husband and I holidayed a couple of years ago. This is a big event you see, as we have rarely been able to travel, but we knew we were overdue to visit friends and relatives scattered across two provinces. Almost every night or two we made our stops to meet up with old friends or cousins we hadn't seen for quite some time. And each one welcomed us into their "cribs" with the greatest generosity and gladitude. I felt so honored with the value they placed on our visit - we just seemed to pick up where we last left off, no matter how much time had passed.

I was overwhelmed by these warm hearted gestures and I felt I had to acknowledge just how great it felt to see them again.

Of course, not to be ordinary, and having the sense of humor that I do, I found these unique hospitality gifts ----

Toothpaste tube toothpaste tube winders...anyway, any tube that needs help emptying, this is the gadget that works the best.

The neatest thing about the ones I found from is they have themes.And I managed to find tubemates that matched everyone.

I got the idea when my niece gave me the "chicken" that started the joke" tubemate because I had a chicken/gag theme going on in my life (still do, if it's a good one). Every morning when I go to brush my teeth, there it is, reminding me of my niece and how she thought of me, knows me,  and enjoys me,

to find that tubemate and gift it to me. This one is just another example. Gave this one to my friend who is an animal activist. But with my sense of haha.

                                                                           What the?

I drink to the health of another,
And the other I drink to is he
In the hope that he drinks to another,
And the other he drinks to is me.