Housewarming Gift Ideas
For the Place They Call HOME

The new home. The newest digs. A change of living space. Unique housewarming gift ideas are the thought of the day. What do you give to friends or loved ones who have made their way to have their own place to hang their hat and hold all their stuff?

Well, there's your clue. Do they hang a hat? And what about their stuff? What're they gonna do with their stuff?

Do they need more stuff to call their own? To call their home? Can you help them with that?                    
Whatever you decide, here's thoughts on giving unique gifts that will make for a great housewarming - gifts they'll remember your love by.

Housewarming Bouquet

flourescent lightbulb bouquet

Sometimes it's not what you give, but how you give it. This "bouquet" needs no water. And when absolutely necessary, a flower can be picked to shed some light in the kitchen or any other room. Every stem in the crystal vase is a kitchen utensil attached to a compact fluorescent bulb with green painter's tape (spatula, salad spoon, serving spoon, etc). Taken apart, the entire gift is practically, usefully, practical - great idea for housewarming gift ideas, no?

Amaze yourself. Amaze them. What other common, ordinary things can become their stuff? From you to them?

"Wishes" captured for their
new H O M E

unique house warming gift - captured wishes
symbolic wishes in colors

What is a Captured Wishes gift?

It is a cute little bottle filled with your wishes – heartfelt hopeful thoughts transformed into something physical by using pixie dust holographic glitters infused with the power of desire, faith and belief. They are captured and every wish that could ever be wished is represented by different colored pixie dust – so beautiful - the manner in which they are presented makes them appear magically charged with energy.

Colors like yellow for joy, green for luck, red for love or white for new beginnings. So many colors, so many wishes. These wishes are carefully layered in a clear glass wishing vessel to create an amazing finished product.

Find this wonderful little product at

Window Sill, Window Ledge.
Put Memories There.

miniature housewarming candle

This little housewarming candle barely takes up any room (check out the push-pin). Whether they are moving into an apartment, studio or possibly you just want them to remember your love for them in sharing the move to a new place, why not go little?

Even the tiniest of gifts which reminded you of them to remind them of you sitting on a window ledge can have a big voice. Sometimes its okay to just go small.

A Souper Moving Out Gift

Soup Cans with messages
soup cans

Moving out on their own gift. They are off to college or they've finally found the apartment they can afford. Fill their pantry for them with their favorite soup or a variety pack where each can has words of encouragement.

Soup is just soup but boy, it can sure fill the belly when the budget's tight or they need a quick meal before they're off and running again. But pack the box your way, so they know you're proud, so they know you're thinking about them on their own. Sneak it in with the other boxes when you're helping them into their new place.

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