Go Ahead, Make Ice Cream Magic. It can, you can, be the magic.

You can make ice cream magic; make ice cream appear magical.

Picture this. You have a gaggle of children in the house that need to be entertained. Ice Cream Magic. Say the words. Possibly you need to shout, but once you've got their attention, those munchkins will gather in a circle when you tell them you have the gift of magic, that you can make ice cream in a bag before their very eyes!

And what child doesn't believe in magic?

Children and magic. A wonderful combination. Turn yourself into a magician and you can have great fun watching their faces light up when they taste something that magic helped you and them to make.


Assemble these ingredients ahead of time...this way, when you shout "Magic Show in 10 Minutes!" you will captivate your audience right on the spot.

You will need:

1 cup whole milk
1 tsp. vanilla
2 tbsp. sugar
8 tbsp. coarse salt***
8 cups (approx.)crushed ice
2 quart-sized Ziploc Freezer bags
1 gallon-sized Ziploc Freezer bag

(I used the brand name Ziploc, but any self-sealing, thick plastic bags will work...something that won't leak during the shake session.)

Mix the first three ingredients in the quart-sized bag. Then seal it tightly, pushing out as much air as possible (too much air left in the bag may force the bag to open during shaking). Put this bag into the other bag and seal the same way. This double bagging minimizes the possibility of leakage.
Now put some ice in the bigger bag and then place the milk mixture bag(s) into it. Add more ice while sprinkling the salt over it. Seal the bag the same way as you made the milk bag; push out the excess air. Make sure the ice is surrounding the milk bag.

Now wrap this combination in a towel and/or put on some crazy looking oven mitts or wacky mittens (to keep your hands warm), and massage and shake the bag. Be consistent, be steady, be rhythmic.

You have 5-8 minutes before you can stop. The illusion of magic is yours to behold. Work with it, baby! Get those children who, believing in magic, will sing songs, chant magical spells, and do whatever you suggest they do to create their own gift to themselves.

What Does Salt Do?

When salt comes into contact with ice, the freezing point of the ice is lowered (the salt causes the ice to melt). Water normally freezes at 32 degrees Fahrenheit (0 degrees Celsius).

A 10% salt solution freezes at 20 degrees F (-7 degrees C)A 20% solution freezes at 2 degrees F (-17 degrees C)...see the dramatic change? By lowering the temperature at which water becomes ice, we can create an environment in which the milk mixture can freeze into ice cream!

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