Learn the Meaning of Flowers and Your Flower Gifts will Speak Volumes

It's amazing what we can learn from the meaning of flowers, meanings that have been in existence since the 1600s: I cannot live without you, It's heavenly to be with you, Let's get together.

In fact, there was a time (during the reign of Queen Victoria, circa 1867) when flowers alone did all the speaking for those who desired love and wished to express it. This was a time in culture where public displays of affection were totally frowned upon.

So just as an example, way back in the castle, if two young lovers decided to neck freely in front of others they would have serious consequences to face. Yet today these amorous actions almost go unnoticed. (Don't we know it.)

Conservatism won the day. Any expressions of feelings were restricted by etiquette and conformity. Proper behavior was expected and even the spoken word was kept in check. Quite.

However, men and women being totally overcome by their emotions and totally in love found a way. It was the beauty and color of flowers that paved the way to secretly allow these lovers to express that which they could not show in other ways.

Floriography, or the language of flowers, was born. And oh the books that followed. There was a myriad of publications to be had - the symbolic meaning of flowers became the messaging avenue of the heart and spoke directly for those who had to hold their tongues.

It is now known that this language of flowers was based on a combination of folklore, literature, mythology, religion, and the physical characteristics of the plants, and it is thought the secret code of flowers and objects called selam from Turkey had the greatest influence on the first authors.

Since flowers have been around since time immemorial, there has been almost a constant vigil on their beauty; the first to describe the meaning of flowers has been documented but the interpretations were never set in stone as the centuries have passed.

This by no means has ever impaired flowers and how they're used. Today we still have flowers that mean the same as when they were first described and as long as you let the receiver know the message it is you wish for them or the feelings you cannot express with words, then Floriography is the way to go.

Go ahead and embellish a little. Make the meaning of flowers your meaning.

I'll show you what I mean:

The Calendula

Yes, they are a well known flower. However, GoUniqueGiftIdeas.com discovered the name is derived from the Roman word calendae, it means first day of the month...so...

If you know someone whose Birthday falls on the first day of any month why not gift them with Calendulas? They can signify their birth, be their birthDAY flower.

The birth month flower of October has the calendula as it's official birthMONTH flower, so anyone born in October can be bouquetted (ha ha) with these flowers.

And give a gift of potted Calendulas to someone who loves to be the cook in the kitchen or a master chef looking for that "new" recipe. These plants are wonderfully edible with flavors that range from spicy to bitter, tangy to peppery. Their sharp taste resembles saffron - they can be sprinkled into soups or on pasta or rice dishes, salads or scrambled eggs.

In the 19th century, Calendulas represented the sun and they were a symbol of life following its preordained path in the same way as the flower itself follows the course of the sun throughout the day. Give them to someone who has become successful after years or moments of challenge; everything is going PERFECT in their lives as it is supposed to be.

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Ahhhh....learning the meaning of flowers brings so much variety to the gifting table. Say it. Floriography, floriography, floriography.
Isn't that something? One type of flower can mean and say so much! The unique gifts that can come to mind are downright logical!

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We're sure this guide will help you find new ways to gift your loved ones and friends with flowers that will say more than you ever could before! The language of flowers!