Kickstart Your Gift Giving with Passion Start Your Mojo

Don't just give gifts. Kickstart your gift giving mojo.

Enter stage left: PASSION. It's a simple ingredient that will transform your gifts into "gifts that inspire memories".

Give yourself the best seat in the house when you embark on your gift giving voyage.

Start with what you have an interest in, what you love to do, what you could spend a few hours talking about or spend a lengthy amount of time doing. The ability to express passion over something exists in all of us. It can be small and precise for the moment at hand, or it can be all consuming. But that doesn't matter, because without it there is no personal fulfillment or great works accomplished.

Do you think Michelangelo painted the Sistine Chapel because he had nothing better to do in an afternoon? No, painting was his mojo, his life passion. He spent hours, days, months (actually, it was about 4 years) doing what he loved. He had an ambition to produce a work that would be absolutely exceptional. There is no doubt he enjoyed every minute of it because the end result still mystifies the world. That was his gift.

So let's get going.

Take a look at the whole idea of gift giving, especially unique gift giving. First thoughts here....N E V E R attempt to go gift searching if you approach it as a chore. No fun can come from that. Doing dishes is a chore, vacuuming is a chore (mind you, if you do these with passion, for the love of simplicity and mindlessness, then "chore" takes on a different meaning). It's how you look at it.

Stop doubting that you won't be able to find the perfect gift for Uncle Fred or Aunt Gladys. You're getting ahead of yourself.

Don't give gifts because you have to say something about a relationship. Give gifts because you want, you've got something to say about the relationship you have with the people in your life.

Get yourself hyped for giving that gift

Just as you participate in your life in the relationships you have, participate in the giving of the gifts you give, gifts that transfer your feelings, gifts that validate your feelings, gifts that purposefully state how much you know and care about the person you love and/or admire.
A M E N !

And the first thing you need to do ... is remember the child inside of you.

Sounds a bit silly, doesn't it? But it's not. Haven't you ever spent time recollecting "the early days" or "when I was little I loved to..." times that were precious and favorite to you? Remember the enjoyment that naturally flowed before any other nasties of life clouded your judgment or changed how you looked at things? How did you feel?

The feelings were pure and bold with simplicity. That was because you had discovered passion. Remember the enthusiasm? Remember how compelled you were to keep those feelings because it made you feel so good, so filled with satisfaction?

So it's time to listen to your inner voice. Remember what you felt like when you discovered something new and you became so wrapped up in it that you forgot all time and space. Were you at the beach? Were you discovering an all day sucker for the very first time? How about the freedom of riding your bike without the training wheels.

Didn't you feel great? These times are probably the first times you discovered personal fulfillment. As I said earlier, no great works are accomplished without it.

This is a clue to your genius; to your natural gifts and talents. So start there. Think and listen to your inner voice. You don't have to be an artist to be creative. We are all, by nature, creative ...that's what makes us human and separates us from the rest of the creatures on earth. Our creativity is what has allowed us to come as far down the evolutionary line. All you have to do is wake it up.

Just thinking about unique gifts and giving them is already giving you a creative edge on gift giving.

Look at these factors:

  • You're Unique
  • The Giftee is Unique
  • The Event/Occasion - why is it time to give the gift?
  • Define your PASSION in this giving
  • Feel good and enjoy yourself
  • lol! You've just kick-started your Mojo!

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