Personal Pixie Dust Goes
a Long Way in Out of the Box Gift Giving

Imagine yourself as Charlie Brown's friend, Pigpen, except it's personal pixie dust puffing up a cloud surrounding you as you walk; what you are actually giving off is your own mystical personal pixie dust because you seem to know the magic to give the right gifts every time.

Everyone LOVES magic - it's the unbelievable, it's the mystery and wonderment of "I can't believe my eyes!"

                             You can give gifts

                that have this kind of wow factor.

In fact, see how easy it is to create magic for children just by making icecream!

It's simple. Begin by looking at the gift scenario from a new perspective - which means you may have to "kick to the curb" what you've learned or been taught in the traditional sense of gift giving. This is where the personal pixie dust starts.

FORGET those preconceived ideas of yesteryear. Yes, traditions and traditional gifts do have their place, but now it's time to move away from giving a tie (again) to Dad or your brother for his birthday, or Father's Day or Christmas. A tie just can't be the answer any you need to start to think outside the box, past the present.

               Find the extraordinary in the ordinary

             Turn the ordinary into the extraordinary

Look at things differently. Look at situations or problems from a new perspective. Maybe put yourself in someone else's shoes, especially someone who you admire, respect, trust, really care for.

Why, just a minute now. While still remaining true to who you are, find a tender feeling, a grace, a heart, a consideration, a fellow feeling... turn up your compassion button...why don't you put yourself in the shoes of the person you are getting the gift for? What do you think they would do they want to feel? How do they truly feel and what gift would be the ultimate in gifts received?

Tip your head to the side.

You'll see. Me thinks things will start to look quite different. And the more often you tip your head to the side, more (and more) people will begin to think you are a gifting wizard as you find yourself automatically or more inclined to set your sites on better gift giving by finding and giving gifts that are simply JUST more.

Gather up your Personal pixie dust.

What I'm saying here is...Be open to new ways of seeing the world. Be willing to explore that. There is really no wright (spelling) or wrong. JUST DIFFERENT.

You need to tap into your creativity. From creativity can come contagious magical gifting, and if you let your imagination go, you'll begin to build up your own puff of pixie dust. Personal pixie dust!

Just start by creating a time and space for your gift giving. And guess where you'll find yourself waiting?

With some time, and free "creative" space in your head, not only will you get to know yourself better but you'll grow to learn more about the world around you. And it will all have been because you wanted to be a better gift giver.

Starting to feel the pixie dust gathering at your feet? Feel some magical gifting coming on?

Better Yet...why not

check out how to make personal pixie dust, a wonderful pixie dust magic to you and a completely mystical magical experience for them.

More Thoughts as You
Think Outside the Box

Let's ponder this for a moment. What kind of thinker are you when it comes to giving gifts?

Inside the Box

  • attitude of indifference about getting gifts
  • accept the status quo
  • can't see the quality of another idea
  • buy the first gift that comes along and is gender related
  • don't see the value to the kinds of gifts available
  • no enthusiasm about gifting
  • buying different kinds of gifts is too risky
  • can't think about a gift at all so money is the only option.

OUTside the Box

  • you are open to others' ideas about the kinds of gifts that would be great to give
  • you place a lot of value on gifts and giving them
  • giving (possibly) great gifts is not risky
  • thoughtfulness in gifting is worth it
  • being creative is FUN
  • you look for magic (personal pixie dust)
  • there is a right gift for the right someone
  • you can't just give anything, you want to give something
  • you know what they want - they want money...and you give it to them but in a very unique manner.

The question here NOW is, would you put this in a box to become the present or would you leave it outside the box as the present? The choice is yours. (I used two $20s to make mine.)

Check out these "Gift Box" instructions (it's a video) to challenge yourself with and try your hand at money origami...use whatever money you have from wherever you're from.
Hmmmmm....................Then, what will you put IN the box? 


A box is a box but by any other name it becomes a present.
"Thinking or to Think Outside the Box" is a catchphrase that has been around since the 1970s and 80s when consultants of that time tried to contract business by selling the idea they were innovative thinkers, a company that would solve problems faster, smarter, creatively, profitably. To prospective clients they showed them the Nine Dots Puzzle where you put nine dots on paper like so:


Without lifting your pen, try connecting all the dots using only 4 straight continuous lines. Lines cannot be drawn over (or redrawn on the same path) but they can cross.

Puzzling, isn't it?  But it is easily solved, if you draw outside the confines of the area of the nine dots. Your perception automatically thinks box, square area, limited space.

This is where the phrase came from. We imagine a boundary.

So use your imagination to go past that boundary, hence thinking outside the box. Realize there is no border. Don't limit yourself to a solution that only links the dots inside the imaginary box. The box doesn't use your personal pixie dust thinking and surprise yourself.

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