Put Your Personality into Your Gifts You (can)

Don't be afraid to put your personality into your gifts. Recognize and celebrate who you are; if a gift reflects you, they'll always remember the gift is from you.

Hey you.

Yes you, the one with the personality. Ever thought to yourself, "I'm different", not average, not ordinary, that there are qualities about you that single you out from the rest of the world?

Your individuality is written all over you, right from the tip of your manicured (or not) toes to the top of your coiffed (or not) hair.


Spell it how it SOUNDS, I say. KWAFT. Your KWAFT hair. Because coiffed, phonetically, makes me think of a cat and a hairball.

This is what makes me stand out. If I was a betting gal, anyone describing me and the kind of person I am would probably include my quick tongue and gift for blabber. It's true, I love to twist words around. I started developing this part of me when I discovered how illiterate I was after 12 years of schooling...not really. Somewhere along the line I gained the perception that I wasn't getting dates the same as the pretty girls, so I decided "If I can't baffle them with my beauty, I'll baffle them with my ..."


                                                                           What the?

So what is it with you? What part of you stands out and says, this is definitely and could only be you?

Because this is where unique gift giving comes from - YOU - knowing yourself, what the experiences of life has turned you into.

You are a unique individual.

There is no one else on earth who is like you. No one.

Pay attention. Start to look at how people see you, those who know you best. Your friends are your friends because they like, love, admire something about you. Your family too.

And do you have any idea what that is? It might be difficult at first, but you have to remember people see you through their eyes, not yours.

Do you really hear, do you really listen when a compliment is sent your way, especially from the people who matter to you in your life? Remember how that feels? Suddenly,

You are a 100%-iron-fortified-one-of-a-kind-found-nowhere-else-item.

It's your personality. It's your individuality. That compliment, those good remarks, are acknowledgment of who and what you are all about. This is the person they see. The person you put forth to them is the real you (or who you aspire to be). They admire you for some special quality that you display to them. Words that fall from your lips, your actions and reactions allow these people to perceive your individuality. No one else looks like you, thinks like you, or deals with life the same way you do. Be Yourself. Trust who you are. With self knowledge comes a greater awareness of who you are. And a comfort zone establishes itself to allow you to celebrate. That's right, celebrate YOU.

So how does this relate to gift giving?

Agreed, one of the first rules is to NEVER think about yourself when you are getting a gift for someone.

Well...It's just not true.

It's just not true at all.

We all have a gift giving personality. We all need to celebrate our own essence and have some of that show in our gifts.

It's important, essential to unique gift giving that part of you be there. Part of your personality, the part people obviously love about you should be evident in the gifts you choose for the people that matter. This just HAS to go into the gift!

If you can celebrate who you are, then celebrating others falls naturally into place.

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