Personalized Books

You won't believe this,

but these personalized books were actually a large print dictionary and a thesaurus. I had them rebound in leather, the way books used to be made (with the string in the binding), retitled in gold print on the front and spine, and had my Dad's name embossed on the cover.

That's just the kind of books needed for him; a self-made man he was - an old-timer with aging eyes, huge rough-hewn hands and little education. Despite that, he taught me to always question and learn by setting a great example.

And that's what made them belong proper to my Dad.

Not for anyone else. Only for him.

Just for my Dad

I geared them for him. They are forever a part of my Father, personal belongings that are unique unto themselves even since his passing. In time it is my hope that I can pass them down the family line, once again as a unique gift.

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