A Personalized Gift
Get Personal

It simply can't be for anyone else because a personalized gift received is a win-win.

It is meant only for that ONE person. It's so oriented to ONE person that it's purpose is undeniable. No one else can have it. No one else can take personal ownership of it.

You can gift someone quite pur-POSE-fully. You can gift someone so that, upon revealing the contents, what is this gift? the

       R E S P O N S E   IS   IMMEDIATE

"Oh my GOSH"

You've taken the time, - apparently a bit of time

....and thinking....to arrive at this present:

"Wow, Oh thank you. Wow."

"You must have been doing a lot of thinking about this gift, about me...I feel special, you've just made me feel great, you've made it personal...a gift for me...just for me...only for me."

Your feelings and how much you care about them is right there, in their hands, a personalized gift, a gift marked in a way to single out and celebrate them. AND ONLY THEM.

The Proof is in the Pudding

I'm going to use this expression here. It means that true value or quality of something can only be judged when it's put to use or tried and tested. Often enough, it can be summed up as:

"Results are what count....it's not how you start, but how you finish."

Really. That's what you end up with. The WOW Factor when you give a personalized gift. Just think about it. Has it ever happened to you? Have you ever received a gift with your first name, your initials or something personal to you (i.e. an expression you use or your own personal motto) inscribed on it?

There it is, right on that gift, that item, the thing you now hold in your possession. A piece of you is on that gift. It's a record, it's more proof of your existence in the world, proof where ownership is undisputed, especially from the giver of the gift.


I seem to be a fairly entertaining type of lass. If fact, my husband has commented to others on more than one occasion how I, "Oh, there she goes again, amusing herself," have no difficulty involving others in laughter. AND yes, yes, I do do that. I sometimes am my own veritable source of entertainment, but in the process I actually amuse people and we enjoy the time well spent. Check out this unique personalized gift a girlfriend gave me. She had engraved a goofy expression I used then (circa 1980) AND still use today.

Get your lips loose and act as though you're quite intoxicated, a little on the dumb side, and can only speak in one long sloppy vowel, almost non-syllabic. Try it. ESZHA... Now try it again, smiling a wide smile all the while. E-SZHA... Now pull on each side of your mouth, half cross your eyes and say it again like you're a swash-buckler swilling on a pint in the days of yore: E-SZHA...ESZHA...ESZHA. Then put an inquisitive look on your face like people are either supposed to say , "Yes, yes, I know," or "You are an idiot." as an answer.

My girlfriend loved me for that. And I love her for that cup because I see her laughing and I remember the great times we've had. Ah, she knew me well.


                                                                           What the?

A Personalized Gift is worth the effort.

When you truly have a desire to show someone you care about and love just how much it means for them to be in your life, get extremely personal. Create (or have someone create) that special personalized gift. 

A personalized gift. It's focus is on you and the relationship you have with the person who gives you the gift. It's focus is on you and how, why, when and where you have arrived and taken your place in life, in your own life, and the life of the person who gives you the gift.

Deep stuff, huh.

But long after the regular presents or gifts have been appreciated and used up, put away, possibly thrown away, or hand-me downed, the personalized gift will remain. It is decorated to show that it belongs to you, it was designed with you in mind.

So why not show your special someone they too can have their day in the sun or their five minutes in the spotlight? We all want to be appreciated, to be recognized for ourselves. We all want to feel we are noteworthy. Special.

             A personalized gift will do that.

        FOR BOTH the giver and the receiver.

So let's do some chat about personalized gifts:

  • a child's name on their first backpack for grade one, or
  • a vase for an anniversary with the names and date, or
  • a bingo player's dabber bag with their initials on it, or
  • an embossed daily planner for the seasoned or new executive.

Easy, no?

Now, let's think about unique-ing those personalized gifts.

That Backpack. Besides having their name on that pack, why not add in a pencil case or crayon pack that has the child's name and/or an expression like "The Best Student" or "Go Get "em" or "Grade 1 Rocks!" Or maybe monogram that pencil case with rhinestones!

That vase. Don't just give it empty. Track down a photo of the couple and find out (or maybe you remember) the theme of their wedding and the flowers they had on their special day. Fill that vase up with some of that memorabilia. OR, get roses with their names actually put on the petals. OR, get the roses electroplated with gold.

That Bingo player. Have they ever won big? Surely they remember the number called that sealed their destiny. Maybe if they're a good sport...the number that didn't get called. Surely they reminisce about things like that. So get a bingo ball with that number on it so they can carry it in their Bingo bag. Go ahead and put their name on it too!

wooden bingo ball

That business executive. Don't just get their name embossed in gold on their daily planner or note case. Add something else that is appropriate to them either quirky or outstanding.

Add something that stresses their importance for you and them...because it is your gift that you are giving.


Alright. This next gift is one I gave myself. And it's because I fell in love with my name. Well, it was a nickname, actually. Given to me in college.


Don't ask. We were a crazy creative bunch trying to survive a new program in Advertising & Public Relations. Long story short, I got some pencils made with that name on them. Those two years, the friends, the comradery, the laughter; I smirk at the recall. I smirkingly-smirk as I recollect that period in my life.

I still have one of those pencils kicking around in my stuff somewhere...



How you feel about the gift you are giving is just as important as how they'll feel when and because they receive it from you.
Personalized gifts always add extra OOOMMPHH

So let them know they're special.

I've just had a sudden epiphany.

There are four kinds of personalized gifts, because the deeper you think into them, the more unique they can become:

  1. The Actual Gift
    You put their name or initials on it, you celebrate their name.
  2. The Design of the Gift
    The gift is geared and made specifically towards that person (WHO they are). Take a look at these wonderful leather bound books I personalized for my Dad.
  3. The "Awe" Effect
    The gift creates it own memory, a memorable moment that occurs in the moment. (Mull that over!).
  4. Gifter-Personalized
    The gift is personalized by the giver - signature gifting - the gift has your slant, your style on it. No one can dispute the gift came from anyone else but you.

Unique gifting, that's the ticket!

Sometimes, if you are really paying attention to your life and your relationships, you can give gifts that have all of the above boisting out of them!

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