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You (can) put your Personality into your gifting

Use Passion to kick-start your Mojo

The Gift of Love with a Big Heart

Soliloquy about cockles of my heart.
Soliloquy start about studio gift and story.

Pixie dust and out of the box thinking

Making ice cream magic for children.
Difference between in the box and out of the box thinking.
The Nine Dots Puzzle and solution.


Shakespeare was ahead of his time.
Soliloquies are great for social networking.

Get ready to give while waiting in line

We are a society waiting in line.
Create the time and space for giving.

To your people - Gift Recipient

Betty Crocker is a fine example.
Discover and know who you're giving a gift to.
What is your relationship with your gift recipient?

Memories. That's because (& why).

Giving gifts can create memories.
Looking for coffee in 1987 Saskatchewan.
Soliloquy to caffeine and story gift.

By name/Personalized gift

Eszha-Eszha cup soliloquy.
Discussion about personalized gifts.
Personalized pencil soliloquy.
Backpack for new schooler.
Anniversary vase.
Bingo Player accessories.
Business Executive planner/notebook.

FOUR Kinds of Personalized Gifts.
1. Actual Gift.
2. Design of the Gift. Personalized Books for Dad link.
3. The "Awe" Effect.
4. Gifter-Personalized.

Gift Categories

Here is the starting point. If it exists, it will eventually be found here.

Special Occasions or Events Categories

This category list is the events commonly celebrated but here's where you'll find a new spin on the same-o-same-o.

Just Because Gift Categories

More FUN here. A compilation of unique gifts that just have to be given Just Because.

Heartfelt Gift Categories

Categories of the other emotions in life that need to be expressed. Find them here: sympathy/bereavement, motivational, encouragement, spiritual, meaningful, religious.

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