Another Arm of Social Networking

Shakespeare had it all figured out. By using a soliloquy, characters in his plays could yadda-yadda their way into the audience's hearts.

And every member of the audience then had the option of keeping what they thought about the characters and the play to themselves or discussing it with the people sitting next to them or in a group standing in the foyer of the hall during intermission or after the finale.

It looks to me like Shakespeare was way ahead of his time. He had social networking down to an art. Hamlet stepped aside many times into a soliloquy to let us know exactly where his head was at.

This is what I do as well. I soliloquize - usually I am sitting in front of my computer and I utter to myself the gift ideas I come up with for this website. Because I really want to have unique gift ideas. So, yeah, even if there's no one around to hash them out with, I do sometimes think aloud.

Soliloquies in this website will provide extra inspiration for your gift giving.

Unique gift giving - ideas you need, ideas you want, ideas you'll get.

Throughout the site, as I tackled the project of putting the idea of Unique Gift Giving on the big ol' internet, I discovered that putting words down into my browser opened up a whole new realm of possibilities.

I have great ideas for gifting, so many ideas so I've put them into a website. Now I have a way of sharing them, as well as having a place to store them until I can use them or someone else can use them.

Because great gifting ideas, especially those that create atmospheres of harmony, goodness, pleasure, fun, fellowship, love, etc., are what make life good. Plain and simple. Make Life Good.

So I'll use a Soliloquy

I like to daydream; can't help myself cuz I put my imagination on high on the "Give the Ultimate Gift" dial, when I get in the gift giving mode. Sometimes I get very close to the wild side or sheer and utter stupidity when it comes to wanting to enjoy the moment of the gift in its fruition.

Don't get me wrong, I do live in the world of reality (because I know reality and I'm not "way out there" because I know what reality is, and if I didn't know reality, my reality would be only my reality and no one else's reality, really .... and then that wouldn't be reality) because I know what's real.

And my stream of consciousness - my random thoughts which follow in a freely-flowing style is what brings this all about. So enjoy.

Soliloquy in the Soliloquy

I will get to the point on every single page of my website; ranting on and on does tend to evolve into miniature points that should be addressed. That's where the soliloquies come in. My thoughts related to the point at hand. You can read them or ignore them. Enhance them, make them your own, use them. Tell someone about them. Let them evolve. I've just never shared them with anyone but the time has arrived.

Maybe your own unique gifting ideas will come full circle.

Will I inspire you? I hope so. Shucks, I'll be happy even if you put your hand to your chin and go

"...Hmmm, that's interesting..., now if I..."

You are Appreciated. And so is your Feedback.

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