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Look at your calendar. There they are,those special occasions marked either by you or directly printed by the publisher. Special events can literally litter every month of the year, and especially so if you love to be sociable. And as human nature would have it, that's exactly what we are, creatures inclined to associate with or be in the company of others.

Hence, the circling of the date, a day with a reason to gather to feel good, to recognize important times and events; ceremonies and celebrations are all over the place just waiting for you to take part in.

And why not? Gathering together to acknowledge life's milestones - whether or not they are wins or losses - is an integral part of being alive, being human. Recognizing each other and supporting each other by emotional means or in a physical appreciation is truly a wondrous thing.

The list below is made up of those events which are commonly celebrated or known well enough to be recognized and or remembered yearly.

But don't let that stop you. You're here with gifting in mind and the gift ideas here are anything but common.

Special Occasions


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