Theme Gift Ideas
But Don't Give Them What They Already Have

You've read that right. The theme gift ideas I'm talking about are the ones that you make up.

It came from the soccer game; someone called him Sonic the Hedgehog because of his speed. "Sonic, Sonic!" they cheer. Uh oh, I feel theme gift ideas coming on for your nephew who you normally describe as your sister's boy, er, when's his birthday...what grade is he in now...what does he like?

Don your thinking cap and theme, theme, theme. This boy may love that his Aunt or Uncle actually come up with a gift that centers around him and his nickname.

And make it stick. Remember his nickname for a full year of gifting. Scheme up theme gift ideas. And then...just when they think you're done cuz one of your gifts is back to "normal" gifting, do it again. But be creative. Be unexpected.

The gifts don't have to be something they'll treasure always. It's the theme they'll eventually culminate into the telling of stories about the days of yore, remembering a particular birthday or Christmas or Easter.

Okay, so maybe Sonic is outdated. But there's always something new and trendy coming out for kids, tweens, teens, or adults. Get funny. Get serious. Look at that person and theme gift them with something totally out of the ordinary for you, for them.


My Niece. So one day she's talking to my kids and they relate to me a bit of their convo about SpongeBob SquarePants. 'A person could develop a love-hate relationship with TV characters and the marketing propaganda,' she said (or near'bouts to that effect).

That's just how easy it was to start gifting her. Besides wanting to give her the world (which I can't afford), I feel compelled to be persistent in letting her know I think about her, I love her, she has seated herself in my heart since her birth.

And each of these theme gifts also relates to something in her life. The SpongeBob Lego kit - she is the Lego queen since she was knee-high to a grasshopper. The cookies. SpongeBob's best friend is the pink starfish

named Patrick. That's also my son's name and his birthday is the day after hers. And the toothbrush. Her mother is a Dental Assistant. And then there was the SpongeBob lunch kit to celebrate her new job; the deck of cards to stave off boredom on the flight to her sister's; the "spring is here" skipping rope and chalk; etc.etc.etc. You get the picture.

What is this?

Here's something unique for theme gift ideas that will really fill them with Awwwwe!

Give them their very own
Personal Pixie Dust
- it's geared for theme gifting

And why not? Just as I said in the title...Don't Give them what they already have. So give them their  own personal  personal pixie dust! And the color layers were EASY to match to my niece's life...Here's the added expression included with this little bottle of magical layers: (the bottle is 1.5 inches tall)

Personal Pixie Dust in a SpongeBob Theme

My SpongeBob a la Pixie Dust
Wishes for You

Spice – your continued interest in all earth’s creatures
Lemon – much joy in your life
Sage – success in whatever you endeavour
Ruby – hoping you always have energy to keep you going
Black – that which you need to release will happen.
Ozone – hold on to your dreams

Each layer in SpongeBob pixie dust means something

Believe this! If you know that red usually means stop and green means go...then you already have a good idea about colors, how they symbolize our lives and how they easily lend themselves to Personal Pixie Dust theme gift ideas!

Because the Most Unique Gift is a truly PERSONALIZED Gift

Here's where you can make your own pixie dust creations!

Personal Pixie Dust wish bottles are not big. They are not gigantic. But they are L O A D E D with personality and depth of meaning. So theme gift with magical wishes!

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