Unique Gardening Gifts
For those who Putter in the Dirt

Dirt holds the gift of life. Every gardener knows this, so unique gardening gifts need some extra thought put into them for these lovers of dirt.

Show them with your gifts just how aware you are of the interest and desires they have in working the soil.

Show them how aware you are of how rewarded they feel when they produce something from that piece of land they sweat and sometimes toil endlessly over.

Show them with these gardener gift ideas that you appreciate them and their efforts.

Biodiversity. Are any of your gardener friends or family in tune with this?

In a declaration by the U.N. (United Nations), 2010 was declared  the International Year of Biodiversity whereby MAY 22nd is the official International Day. Maybe your dirt putterer doesn't even realize that when they scoop that dirt or plant those different seeds that they are playing a very important role in sustaining the earth. So celebrate them with unique gardening gifts. When you get to the page, under the heading "Participate" find the words Success Stories. Write your gardener's story for them. Surprise them. They will love that you acknowledge their hard work and devotion to our planet.

Biodiversity is Life. Biodiversity is our life.

So keep biodiversity awareness going from this point on. Enjoy their garden or back yard with them. Take a slow walk with your incumbent expert and you'll be amazed to hear what they have to say about their passion. Listen carefully and the gardening gift ideas will unknowingly fall from their lips, say, a book from Amazon that shows you how to use common kitchen ingredients to control pests. Better yet, when you get the book, make one of the concoctions for them as part of the gift.

How about unique gardening gifts that bring the garden into the house on a smaller scale?   A terrarium.
Either you are the gardener showing off your talent for plants by creating an interesting terrarium for your friend...

OR your friend knows your passion for creative gardening and gives you a KIT where you can put together, fiddle with, and manicure your own little table-top patio patch or oasis. This is also a great way to shun the dark days of winter.

Unsure? A good place to start looking is Amazon. I will admit right here as seasoned online shopper that Amazon does NOT disappoint for pricing, shipping, availability of products and returns.

You say potato, he says papa, she says patata

2008 was the International Year of the Potato to raise awareness of the importance of the potato - how long it has been around as a food source and to focus on issues including hunger, poverty and threats to the environment - all global concerns.

Wow. The United Nations. They aint no small potatoes. In conjunction with World Food Day (October 16th), the announcement was made at the UN Headquarters in New York.

For some gardeners, it's always the year of the potato.....

because they grow a garden, surely a few hills of potatoes adorn the spot right past the raspberry bushes. Discover about the potato for yourself and find a variety for planting that your gardener has never tried. Begin the contribution in the fight against poverty and hunger.

gifts for gardners -- help them eat their harvest

What about the gardeners who want to help the pollinators? Get Seeds.

Pollinator Week Banner from Botanical Interests

At BotanicalInterests.com it's about the birds and the bees these days....or should I say the butterflies and the bees? Our gardening friends are thinking a lot about them this year and probably in the years to follow. Botanical Interests has the seeds to get every gardener on a good start with a garden offering nectar to these beautiful pollinators.

Seek out a garden seed catalog they've never ordered from. What about the tools they'll need to plant, grow, harvest?
What about companion planting? unique gardening gifts
What about new fangled utensils to prepare those potatoes for the table?
And what about...maybe a Mr. Potato Head who can mark the rows or be the mascot at the table?!

Green Thumb or Fingers

Why not celebrate your gardener or plant lover by giving them that something extra that defines them? Why not show your wonderment in their Green Thumb or Green Fingers. Give them their own personal bottle of gardener's magic they can display as additional pride knowing their plant crafting is appreciated.

Stay tuned for Personal Pixie Dust - wishes that truly add to unique gift giving.

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