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This is the entrance to the unique gift categories list.

Since its introduction onto the internet in February 2007, Go Unique and Beyond's team of one (she wears many hats and does many jobs) has been continuously surfing and scouring the internet to compile a gift list.

As a result, this list will eventually feature a diverse collection of ideas and products. We know you'll be amazed at what you find - these unique gift ideas are meant to make you take note. You just may see something that you've thought as ordinary become the mind blowing gift of the day.

To browse, simply use your cursor and click away.

However, don't stop at one. Dance around until something catches your eye. SAY! You've never quite thought of thinking about that like that before...


Anniversary Gift Ideas

Bereavement Thoughts & Gift Ideas

Birth Month FLOWER Gift Ideas (Jan - June)

Birth Month FLOWER Ideas (July -December)

Captured Wishes - Pixie Dust Ready to Go - STORE

Flowers Do the Talking

Flower Meanings Chart (Flower - Meaning)

You know the flower....but what does it mean?

Flower Meanings Chart (MEANING - Flower)

You know what you mean to say....but what flower is it?

Best BFF or Friend Gifts E V E R Ideas

Gardeners & Gardening

Heartfelt Gift Categories



Just Because Gift Categories

Theme Gifting

Moving Out

Personal and Personalized

The Power of Wishes and Pixie Dust

Retirement Gifts

Special Occasions and Memorable Events

Anniversaries, Birthday Flowers, Graduation, Groups/Gatherings, Retirement, Valentine's Day, Unusual Wedding Gifts

Sympathy Gifts & Treasured Memories

Thank You Gifts

All Occasions, Sleepover Hospitality

Valentine / Romantic Ideas

Wedding Ideas