Unique Graduation Gift Ideas

Graduate - to receive a degree or diploma from .....Graduate - a person who has received a degree or diploma on completion of a course of study, as in a school, college or university.Graduate - person who completes education, pursuit

PURSUIT - Something we go after to master, to ace, to become a virtuoso, an old hand, a hot shot, a guru, a buff, an authority, an old pro, a shark, a whiz, a wizard.




Get a degree

Former student

Why wouldn't be celebrate that with them? Show your pride and support that it was all worth it.

Give them a unique graduation gift that when they see it they still dream big.

Just the right size to keep around because of the memories it holds and will hold.

Inspiration, motivation

The ideal graduation gift should encourage a graduate's dreams, with one eye on the past and the other on the future. In practical terms, it should have: 1) emotional value/meaning; 2) usefulness; 3) lastingness; and4) convenience/small size (so that it can be easily transported with the young person).

So, that's why encouraging and supporting a graduate's dreams and goals should be a big part of any graduation gift. Every one of us needs a dream – dreams give young people direction, and give us all hope. The most precious gift anyone can receive is the support from family and friends so essential to moving forward, going after dreams, and achieving them.

IDEA HERE to possibly expand on....these came from Legacy Project.org

Since an important part of the ritual of graduation is the preparation and anticipation, send the graduate a series of cards leading up to the graduation ceremony. Each card can reflect one stage of life – infant, toddler, child, teen, and so on. Share special memories and your hopes and feelings evoked by thinking about that life stage. When graduation day arrives, present the Dream book as a way to tie together all the cards and complete the set.

-----------------------Design a personal graduation diploma to go with the institutional one. Use evocative phrases, favorite quotations, and family photos to illustrate the graduate's past achievements and future goals. As an alternative, share a short, vivid memory or story about the graduate in the center of the personal diploma. Once you create your personal diploma, have it framed.----------------------Create a hopes and dreams collage, with personal photographs celebrating a graduate's past achievements and images from magazines symbolizing future goals. Each page in Dream has an inspiring quotation from a historical leader, innovator, or achiever. Select some of the quotes and include them in the collage. You can even include the last definition of "dream" that appears on the title page: "Live with a sense of meaning that fills your mind, makes your feet dance, and stirs your soul to soar" (Susan V. Bosak). You can also include a quote or two that's special to you, that encapsulates values or character traits you think are important, or that you've found inspiration in through the years.

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