A Unique Retirement Gift
Should see them off to New Horizons

Hail retirement! Shower them with praise and give them a unique retirement gift.

Hail those who retire! Wow. They've made it! They are finally released from the habitual grind of work, work, work.

Hail the one who gets to retire! Freedom of choice has officially arrived and now the anticipation of that freedom is in full view.

Let the festivities begin...especially for that person who is embarking on a new road in life. And what better way than with retirement gifts that possess encouragement, pride, personality, intention, gratitude.
Give them a unique retirement gift, something that helps them embrace their new future.

Here are some ideas to get you thinking.

Give Their Marbles Back to Them

Ha! Sounds hilarious, but haven't you used the expression now and again at work when the crunch is on and the demands of your job pull you in 40 different directions, so much so that you feel like you're absolutely losing your marbles?

This can be a funny retirement gift but it can have a lot of symbolism accompanying it. Depending on the person you decide to give the marbles to, there are a few ways to present them:

A Bag of Marbles - just an assortment of ordinary marbles. "We searched every nook and cranny and found them for you, because, from experience, we all know you probably 'lost your marbles' a long time ago working here."

Childhood Marbles - these marbles are like the ones from when they were a child. Who didn't play marbles way back when? "These marbles are to remind you to kick up your heels and enjoy life like you were young again. Retirement gives you this freedom."

X number of years = X number of marbles - give these marbles in the person's favorite color; showcase them as a personalized retirement gift. Choose a vessel that defines who the person is/was in their life before retirement. Marbles in a box? Chest? Urn? Cup? Envelope? Pill Bottle? Pen Caddy?

Each Marble is significant - Let them know what each marble  and it's color (here's how they are symbolized) means for them: dark blue is to keep mentally active - intelligence; crystal clear -

oracle for a wonderful future in retirement; green - signifies keeping good health, growth, renewal; black is a reminder to carry an air of mystery and sophistication; three colored - have fun always; yellow is symbolic of happiness and joy; mottled crappy looking marble - a positive reminder that you don't have to take anyone's crap anymore; orange represents changing of the seasons - your life has come full circle and you have a new appetite for stimulation.

Oh, by the way, I made up the crappy description. Symbolism doesn't always have to follow rules you know. But you know that already.

Not really sure what to give someone yet WANTING to give them something? Suppose there's a retirement send-off party or a cocktail evening get-together to acknowledge the retiree. You don't want to go empty handed and you don't want to be too "showy".

** You simply want to acknowledge the years of work and commitment. Why not give them Captured Wishes? It's definitely a sign of creativity and caring all in one fabulous little package. The "captured" wishes are symbolic layers of colored wishing dust (pixie dust) trapped in an alluring little glass vessel just waiting to be used by its recipient. Accompanied with a unique and meaningful verse that tells the retiree exactly how you fee, all of your best thoughts and wishes are there to remain, packed into the bottle for the retiree to use whenever they desire.

Here's another unique retirement gift of WISHES which again packs a wonderful impact when received. The verse cards to every wish vessel explain the colors of the wishes; this congratulations hopes the retiree will pop that cork and palm *poof!* their hopes and desires to the winds of change for the good.

Admittedly, this wish vessel is a little more...um... conservative...but the wishes are still heartfelt. This may be the perfect way to express your awe to a co-worker or person you know via work but not someone you "hang" with socially. These unique retirement gifts can be personalized with initials as well which adds that extra detail in making this preeeety darned noteworthy.

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