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Thank You(s) for Keepers

Face it. We love to be thanked. And giving unique thank you gifts are the best way to help reinforce how we feel towards those who have such generous souls and give without question.

If you've been given a toaster (cuz you really, really needed one) or you've been given encouragement (cuz you really, really needed it)...we feel the need to reciprocate. It feels good to want to give back. So we give thank you gifts.

A thank you says "I really do appreciate you", or "I hold a world of gratitude in my heart because you do what you do or be who you be." Combine that with a gift and the whole idea is magnified 10-fold or 100-fold.

Unique thank you gifts simply keep that warm fuzzy feeling going around and around, to not be forgotten. Haven't you ever had someone give you great service or put aside time for you or given you something you never expected? AND you were so thankful that you just had to do something about it?

BY thanking, you are giving in return. That's why we love to be thanked because everyone feels a great sense of worthiness and comfort.

Ideas for Unique Thank You Gifts

Here are a few thank you gift ideas that you can use for almost any occasion where you feel the need to thank someone.

The words "Thank You" in your own handwriting. It adds that very personal touch. Even a little note to go along with those two words can mean quite a lot to someone. Buy a card, make a card, scrawl it on a piece of cardboard with shiny sprinkles attached to it.  If you're still a little unsure, read over About.com's Entertaining etiquette on Do's and Don'ts of Thank You Notes. And write words like, 'I just thought you should know' or 'Just thought you'd like to know' to show them how much you value, appreciate, regard them. And with that Thank You, your gift could be:

Give them a candle. For whatever it is you are thanking them for, one can actually hold a candle to them....but only because it is massage oil candle made from soy...it can be just a candle, just a fragrance candle, or you can use it romantically as massage oil...soy is incredible and healthy. Earthly Body 3-in-1 Candles at Amazon (see the link below) are pretty impressive. Use as a candle. Use for massage. Use for moisturizing. I repeat, soy massage oil candles are incredible. AND the fragrance choices will astound you.

Give them a SHIRT. Not any kind of shirt, but a shirt in a color they like or a style they wear. Add embroider tastefully something along the lines of "The shirt off your back", and with a card expressing how you feel - "I know you'd give me the shirt off your back, so here's an extra one for the next time you give your all".

Give them a ruler or tape measure. It's amazing the gender-geared tape measures that are available today....a 5-in-1 MULTI Function gizmo will really surprise them. With this your note can say "It's easy to measure the difference you've made. You're an amazing multi-functioner! Thank You."

Give them a clock, watch, or timepiece. And your note can say something to the effect of "Thanks for your time", or "Your time is invaluable." Better yet...ever see an oregon scientific projection clock? These wonderful little gadgets you'll always be synched with the correct time even in the dark simply by casting your eyes up to the ceiling .... cuz that's where this clock shines best!

Give them a set of markers. Your note can say "Your kindness has left a permanent mark in my life". (Yup. A set of markers - get colors or just plain black - markers for the office, for the kitchen, for marking the boxes in storage...yup. We all use markers. And the markers you give will each time remind them of you and how thankful you are for them.)

Give them gold coins. They can be collector coins, they can be pretend play coins or give them a pound of foil covered chocolate coins. YUM! Your note can say "You are worth more than your weight in gold. Thank You." Your best bet is to try the one-pounder bag from Amazon - they are simply SO reliable with products, delivery and SERVICE.

Looking for something truly different? CapturedWishes.com bottles up layers of symbolic glitter in magical pixie dust colors. Say thank you with a Sweet Gestures Appreciation gift.

That's Right. Give them their own Personal Pixie Dust. You are so amazed with how simply awesome they truly are, whether they've given or shared something with you. So  bottle up your heart-felt wishes just for them to return the good will back unto them. Wishes packaged up like this make for unique thank you gifts. What better way to express your gratitude? Each layer color represents a wish! What will your wishes for them be?

Give them NUTS. If this is you...give them a small bag or maybe a humongous can for them to find inside your note that says, "Thanks for being the best (friend, spouse, parent) ever. I'd go nuts without your support. Actually, what I'd do is have two bags or two layers...the second layer would have a note that says, "Wait a minute, I am nuts! But Thanks anyways!"

Tip Your Hat to them. Buy a miniature hat as the gift and put a message of "Thank You, I tip my hat to you" on the visor. Simpler yet, make a paper hat with your message written all over it.

Events Deserving Unique Thank You Gifts

Hospitality Thank You Gifts

Thanks for Thanksgiving Gifts


January 11 is International THANK YOU Day and that seems to be a very appropriate time for thanking people. Christmas is over and the New Year's celebrations and resolutions are mere memories that we now reflect upon as the next 365 days start a new winding.

So yes, we do need to reflect and recall the month of December where we spent so much bustling and rushing around to get ready for Christmas.

So as I was reflecting, I realized International Thank You Day just gave me another reason to give someone a gift without appearing to be over-zealous about gifting. (This day also comes at a good time...upon your own reflection, was there anyone you missed on your gift list?)

A unique thank you gift idea was in order. In the form of a puzzle card

Call it interactive thanking. The card is delivered in its envelope in pieces...intriguing enough to make the recipient wonder who it's from and what it says and what it's all about. I bought a box of blank puzzle cards and added my own words. And because I am who I am, the second picture shows the other side, or the flip side of the card. Very interactive!


What is this About?

Thank you gifts or cards take on their own meaning.
They hold their own in a distinct category.
Appreciation and gratitude are powerful emotions.

I still have thank you cards that I received through the years in my filing cabinet. I still have thank you pictures from students who used to ride my school bus back in the day. And small gifts. All these things remind me of my history of me, of events and doings I didn't consider as so important until someone pointed out to me with unique thank you gifts that they thought otherwise.

And I really do think the warm fuzzy feeling needs to keep going around and around.

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