Unusual Wedding Gifts
Give Gifts to the New Couple, Embody Their Future Together

Unusual wedding gifts. Not usual, not common, not ordinary. This is exactly what you're looking for when you've reached this page in your search for an unusual wedding gift idea.

Somewhere on this website there's an expression about finding the  extraordinary in the ordinary, and by golly, this is what you'll find in this category.

You're invited to a wedding. It is the wedding of the year, the wedding of the century for that matter. The lovers have decided to tie the knot, and now's your chance to show them how happy you are for them. Really show them.


                            That's what you need them to feel.

You want to give them a wedding gift that marks the joining of their two hands in marriage.

You want your gift to embody their togetherness, to represent the life they so eagerly realize, to exemplify what the union of two people like them will bring to the world.

You want the gift you give them to hold a meaning that will instantly become dear to them because you personalized it for them.

You want the gift you give them to become extremely sentimental in their memory 10, 20, 30, 40, even 50 years from now.

Unusual wedding gifts are gifts that have a personalized wedding gift idea to define them. The more personal and poignant the meaning of the gift, the more memorable it will become as time goes by.

What makes the new husband and wife extraordinary to you? Now that they will become "one", what is it about them as "one" that makes them bigger and MORE because they will be joined as man and wife?


Putting all the mushy-mushy wedding stuff aside, anyone who gets married usually has a favorite moment or gift that comes instantly to mind when celebrating their anniversary or talking to the "to be's".

My most memorable wedding gift was from the relatives on the "other side."

It was a mock wedding - one of the most unusual wedding gifts I had ever experienced. When previously introduced to my husband's relatives, they quickly discovered how much of a ham I am, and no, I do not like green eggs...ahem,...Sam I am. (Actually, now that I think about it, they would probably have done this anyway cuz they're worse than me for tomfoolery and such.)

My husband and I eloped, but the love for the nephew/cousin who had gotten himself hitched without their blessing was still strong enough to warrant their own celebration...of sorts. Thusly, their personalized wedding gift idea went into full swing.

Their evil plan unbeknownst to us, they invited us out for camping one weekend and staged a Toilet Paper Wedding; we had a full entourage of bridesmaids and groomsmen, all of us decked out in toilet paper ties, head dresses, wild flower bouquets, the works. The "Pastor" exhibited great pomp and circumstance and joined us in "Holy Camping! Matrimony!", in the campground before a wild pack of chortling cousins and a guffawing uncle.

They even presented us with a mock wedding album - pictures cut out from magazines that jokingly represented how they felt about us eloping and how they weren't going to let us get away without their help and celebration in their style.

I still remember every minute of it. I still cherish every moment of it. And I tell you, I felt extraordinarily special as they welcomed me into their fold of love and laughter.

One of the most unusual wedding gifts ever, the mock wedding was the best present, next to (of course) the gift of my husband's love when he said "I do" the first and second time.


What the?

A Mock Wedding or Mock Wedding Album are definitely personalized wedding gift ideas. AND unusual.

Here's another unusual wedding gift idea.

It all starts with a box. Whatever you choose, make sure it befits the couple and their tastes. Have it personalized with a name plate or engraving right on the lid.

A Wedding Box of "Firsts"

The first time she tells him she has a headache = a bottle of Tylenol

The first time they forget to use any birth control = a pregnancy test kit

The first time they have a fight = a set of dueling rolling pins

The first time he has to prove he's handy around the house = duct tape

The first time HE cooks supper = Hamburger Helper

The first time she uses his razor to shave her legs (and doesn't tell him) = kiddie bandaids for him

The first time he does the grocery shopping = 2 cans of beer and a box of kraft dinner

The first time she notices that he isn't really listening to her = ear wax removal kit

The first time he serenades her with music in his own creative way = a pair of ratty old briefs with a tire tread mark that looks like the word 'LOVE' (unusual wedding gift personalized possibly to the max here!)

The first time she responds to his serenade = a thong with a heart surrounding 'U2' with a note that says "The novelty will probably wear off...hopefully in the laundry!"

The first time she goes "out with the girls" = he gives her a lapel pin that says "I am now a MRS"

The first time he goes "out with the boys" = she gives him a lapel pin that states "I am off limits. My wife will kick your butt!"

The first time they have any type of document with their married name on it = a cheque or banknote from you with their newly joined names on it.

These are just a few suggestions and I suppose it all depends on the sense of ha-ha you share with the couple. And you would know best how to make it your very own unusual wedding gift.

The "UGLY" Wedding Gift

This is truly an unusual wedding gifts idea. Be the one who gives the ugliest gift, something so weird, something you put together and something so...there-aren't-enough-U's-in-Ugly...gift, that it will definitely become a personalized wedding gift idea that will be remembered intentionally and be reinstated, re-gifted if you will, when the next wedding comes along.

"I had read a story about a family who had a tradition of circulating an ugly wedding gift. I was cleaning out cupboards the summer before Sarah and Tony's wedding, and thought they would appreciate being part of a new tradition. (the end result pictured here is quite the trinket!)

I wrote a poem to go with the item that explained the new tradition and what to do with the gift. I was hoping that the receiving couple would display the item in a prominent place until such time as they could pass it on to the next newly weds." - - -J. Maisonneuve, Alberta, Canada

N.B. The gift has been passed to 5 couples in this family since 2003 and I'm sure the reaction is the same every time the gift is opened. I had the pleasure of being witness on one such occasion, and also know this family has no shortage of eligible bachelors and batch-lorettes (hee, hee). This ugly gift could go a long way!

So I say. Get creative. What's lurking in your cupboards that can lurk elsewhere? And it is such a personalized wedding gift idea.


Sun Shape Mirror

This sun-shaped mirror from a distance looks to be a fine gift but up close one will find it is quite the unusual wedding gift and a great personalized wedding gift idea.

My niece's husband took on her last name. To honor her father (my brother, who had been killed in a work

related accident) and carry on the family name and lineage he decided this was the best way to express how strongly he felt about it; his own last name had many successors.

A hush preempted by polite gasps certainly fell over the church when the priest announced my niece's family name following the "Mr. and Mrs. ..."

I created this gift from old wood from my grandfather's homestead. On the mirror I put both family names, my new nephew-in-law's family name around the outer edge of the sun and our own family name on the edge closest to the mirror. Offset, the letters look like a jumble, but when read correctly, both are clearly there; two names blended into one.

sun-shaped mirror

Two things come to mind from this gift. Firstly, my new nephew gave the gift of love without hesitation. Secondly, it made me want to give and feel in return because the emotion that flooded through me was almost indescribable. What a ripple effect. All of us remaining still hold great reverence whenever we hear a Mr. added to our family name. And even better, there are now two new additions to their family who will also be known as Mr.

We'd love to have you come back to this page as we add more unusual wedding gifts that definitely have that personalized touch for the new couple as they step into their future together.

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