How You Can Use Pixie Dust

Great gifting can happen when you use pixie dust. It's wishes in physical form - the person you give them to will marvel at how much thought you put into such a little bottle!

Here are some sample ideas and "instructions" I've used when I've given out my wishes and how to use pixie dust.

For someone who has just become single, was heartbroken, but always has an open heart for new love:

These wishes are captured in magical layers for you:

Protection (silver) of your health (red),and new beginnings (white) in your search for true love (pink)

To activate: You are the catalyst. Uncork the bottle and spill out into your palm just enough – this is up to much you spill will determine how quickly these wishes will come to be.

Blow the Pixie Dust Magic that is in your palm into the air. Concentrate on these wishes.

Re-cork the bottle tightly and put it away – in a drawer, in a bureau, in your purse, in your car, somewhere where it will lay to blend into your own Personal Pixie Dust as time passes by.

The magic of wishes is yours.

These were/can be used for elderly friends who have made the choice to move to a senior's lodge or apartment complex:

These wishes are captured fairy dust that's been bottled in magical layers just for you. This little bottle holds hope for your continued health (fire), peace (lagoon green), plenty of joy (yellow), endless love (rose) from your family and friends, and a big coat of armor (silver) to protect and keep you out of harm's way.

These are my wishes for you.

(Note: the smallest bottle on the left is only 1 inch tall!)

The more you work with pixie dust, the more inspired you become...pouring and layering, layering and pouring and before you know it....

No time to create?  Visit

And if you have your computer on and paper in your printer....

Need more inspiration? Or maybe a site that has these rare gifts ready for you? has them all!

See how wonderful and magical pixie dust can be?

pixie dust blending
pixie dust in your hand

Pixie Dust. Show how much you care. These little bottles have I M P A C T. They're super, fantastic, huge, BIG reminders to your special people that you think about them in your life always. That you care about them.

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