Valentine Ideas
To Make Their Heart Go All A-Flutter!

February 14th is the day for Valentine ideas where Love is to be embraced fully and shared. So how can you make your special loved ones hearts go a-flutter?

Why, a batch of unique Valentine love ideas is in order.

And why not give gifts that cause a heart to pause?

When your heart (and soul) are intertwined with another's, why shouldn't you relish in thinking of great ways to celebrate how you feel with personal and meaningful gifts?

Why not have them surprised by love? Why not give them gifts that convey how deeply they are loved by you? Valentine Ideas.

All you have to do is remember who you are and how you feel about this love in your life. The rest comes easy. Any idea that you read or hear about, you simply have to think, "Okay, so how do I make this my gift of love? What do I want to do to express my love?"

Then, think about your loved one. What do you cherish about them? Is it how they carry themselves, is it their looks, is it how they feel to your touch, is it because they make you feel like you've come home? What makes you love them so? Is it because they're funny, because they're helpful, because they're empathetic, because they want to right all the wrongs in the world?

There are many ways to celebrate Valentine's Day but don't you want it so your romantic Valentine ideas become THE one gift held tight in memory, the gift where every detail makes the difference?

Their heart skips a beat is love.

Their arms open to embrace you is love.

Whatever it is you decide to do, do it because it comes from you. Not because it is expected. Show your Valentine your love because you have to share it with them; show your love in your own unique way that definitely defines you and the love you have within.

               Be honest and truthful in your Valentine ideas.
                             Wear your heart on your sleeve.

                           you will be surprised by the results


if you're quiet enough, in that moment when your gift of love is received, you should be able to hear it, a sound, the sound of two hearts beating in exact rhythm.

Gosh. Synchronicity. Wow.

Yup. That about sums that up.

So, if you're new at it, or maybe you're looking for something more or maybe you've decided you really, really, really do want to give your all...

Here's some Valentine ideas to get you moving along:

Heart-shaped pillows - all sizes and shapes to cover the bed or the place you both consider your favorite cuddling spot. Maybe that hodge-podge of pillows could have letters on them, rearranged and sorted to spell out a message like "I love you most-est", or "You'll always be Mine", or "Marry Me?" ----yes, love note pillows, that's it!

Put their name on it - Personalized candy gifts for that sweet someone in your life who has the sweetest tooth for yummy goodies and fun treats.

Fellas, fly an airplane with a cargo of love. All you need is some paper (red and white - get creative) and flower seeds. Make a paper airplane and tuck the seeds inside the largest fold. Take your girl to "lover's leap" or the top of a river valley or creek or climb a ladder atop the tallest granary bin at your grandpa's farm. Don't forget the chocolates and champagne (or maybe it's a couple of beer and a KitKat's your romance, not mine).

Announce your love for her. Pronounce your love to her. Hug each other, giggle with each other, just love each other and send the airplane on it's way and maybe you'll see the seeds fall during the great flight to find their way to fertile soil and blossom come spring.

Yes, this could be seen as one of the simplest ways to celebrate Valentine's Day, but you see, it's one of the most effective; it is a romantic Valentine gift. Simply romantic.

Make this glider by watching this quick video.

What girl wouldn't raise her hand to her lips to capture and hold the pleasurable gasp that escapes within her breath? oooooo.

Just use some Valentine ideas.

Red ribbon or streamers flowing down the hallway, stairway, driveway or lane with helium heart balloons weighted with chocolates to hold them in the air awaiting your loved one's arrival home after a long day at work. (don't forget to attached one end to a doorknob or tree or something so it doesn't float away on you!)

Add Magic for Romance. You won't need much for this Valentine idea - a magical amount in a bottle just larger than a pushpin and you'll find that using  using magical pixie dust will awaken your romance and can get your loving feelings going strong and long on Valentine's Day.

Pull the cork, pour some into your palm, and let your love for each other blend as you blow it skyward. Save the rest and watch how your love dust blends it's magic over time to become what the color of your love looks like. Ah. Romantic Valentine Ideas. This is very personalized and quite the unusual Valentine gift. A gift to be shared only between you and your love. Magical and TRULY for the romantic at heart.

What a perfect way to renew your pledge of love to one another! This bottle above holds two colors of love; pink for new love and the beginnings (white layer) of passionate love (ruby).

flying a heart shaped kite

OR your complete faithuflness and commitment with this charming gift that takes on a cute twist by attaching a set of miniature handcuffs - a fun way to show how dedicated you are to the one you love. The mini heart is filled with the wishes of love and protection. Fits in the palm of the hand but comes with a suction cup hanger thingy which pretty much helps you have your faithfulness hang in full view almost anywhere! And don't be afraid to give this gift romantic and don't wait for Valentine's. Cute Romantic Gifts like this can be given when the time is right for you.

Decide right now. How much do you love your partner? How romantic do you want to be? Just how much do you want to show them how much you love them? With a budget of $10 or $200,000 is a great place to start:

If Only. Oh yes, IF ONLY.

If you are in search of the most incredible, ultimate romantic valentine ideas or just unique romantic gifts...this is the site to visit. It is the gift of experiences beyond belief...dreams of a lifetime can come true here...make chocolates AND have dinner with your favorite Chef personality, jam with your favorite musician, have a round with a golf pro you've admired for years.

More Valentine Ideas:

Oh Go Fly a Kite guys,
you know, a real kite - but a heart-shaped kite with a long, long, long, long tail of smaller hearts. If the wind is in your favor, attach a small gift (jewelry?) at the end of that tail. Invite your girl to meet you there so she can be the one to reel in your love and get a pleasant surprise. And if the wind doesn't cooperate at all, improvise! She'll already be amazed that you had such Valentine ideas in you. N.B. the kite doesn't have to be a heart either...maybe something she or both of you'll enjoy. Go ahead, be a kid again. Celebrate Valentine's Day!

Stamp out, spell out your message of love. Do it on the side of a hill; use rocks, use colored plastic anchored into the ground, use painted wood pieces, step it out in the snow if you have to. Spray paint it if you can. Put it on your roof, scratch it on the beach. Take a picture of it before it disappears with the sun or the water. Hey! ....put your message in windows of your office building that can be seen from another office building! Spell it out on a dirt road so it can be read from the car as you travel down the road. Love, love-love-love-amour.

An anniversary can be one of the ways to celebrate Valentine's Day If you are a true romantic, (meaning you actively seek Valentine ideas) then you'll be pleased to know that if you celebrate your 7th anniversary of togetherness (these days it's marriage or living together), then you should consider gifts of copper.

copper flower jewelry

Known as the oldest metal to mankind, copper is also called the love metal; wearing it helps us open ourselves to all love energies. Why not open up and refresh your feelings for one another?

copper heart baking mold

Copper accessories in the kitchen or in the tool box in the garage can make for a unique Valentine's Day gift, especially if they are appreciated. Romantic yet functional - because that just may work for that special person in your life.

Roses are true symbols of passion. So when you receive them, you can always respond in kind. Give flowers that also symbolize your heart's mind. Look at history, the 18th century, and be amazed at how flowers made it possible for lovers to have conversations of adoration without saying a word.  Look at history, the 18th century, and be amazed at how flowers made it possible for lovers to have conversations of adoration without saying a word. 

Maybe the two of you could practice Valentine ideas like writing (giving/sending) flower letters to each other during the weeks leading up to Valentine's day. But be careful here...a bouquet of Ambrosia, which symbolizes that you return your love, is (awkwardly enough) commonly known as ragweed - the worst allergen around. So think outside the box here and think of the word Ambrosia...there are so many other definitions to consider here. But there is no denying flowers can be a generator of Valentine ideas.

Or hey ladies, why not give your guy Valentine Roses made from Duct Tape

Wear your heart on your sleeve. Why not just do it? It's the day of showing your true love for your special girl or guy. It can be impromptu - a simple red kerchief with a heart drawn around their name or maybe get a customized temporary tattoo armband (these usually last 3 days, perfect for a romantic date/weekend, unveiling the arm when the moment is right) or use one of those candy necklaces with the big chunky heart on it.

Etch your and your lover's initials on the blank side and wear that on your sleeve. Or get them the new Ipod that clips anywhere and download gushy, mushy songs just for the day.

Fill that spot with your love. What I mean is, fill a cupboard full of red balloons to fall out when they're ready to make their morning coffee; fill a car trunk with helium balloons if your loved one is going on a trip; fill a towel full of bouncy heart balls that will fall out when they pull it from the shelf. What part of their routine stands out to you that can be used as the precise time to show or give or prove your love or that you are ready to take the next step in your relationship?

Or think of Valentine ideas like this: Give a Massage with a Candle by romantic candle light. With a candle? Yes, with a soy massage oil candle. Start your night by lighting this candle. As the fragrance fills the air, get ready to give (or receive) a romantic and sensual massage from your special person, because these candles melt into a luscious and just nicely warm sensual massage oil.

Three pleasures in one! The beauty behind these candles is that the melting point is about the same as soft butter. And just about as rich. A little spoon comes with it. Pour out the oil or spoon it directly onto your skin and massage away the stresses of the day.

Take a look at the simple INGREDIENTS: soybeal oil, coconut oil, hemp seed oil, apricot oil, jojoba oil, avocado oil, Vitamin E, and fragrance derived from natural sources. YUM.

Roses are Red,
My love is true,
These are the reasons
Why I love You...

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