While Waiting in Line Why not think about giving gifts?

How many times a week do you spend waiting in line? Gas fuel-ups, the next elevator, grocery checkout, concession at the theater, the washroom at intermission during a play, or the dreaded phone call to your satellite company; that's just a snippet from the list which has evolved as quickly as our technology. And that can be with or without children.

We have become a society in waiting.

We have each taken our place, next to the next, to the next, in line. And into the role of patient waiter. Because if we step out of queue, then we wait longer. Thusly, patience is a virtue; wait your turn and get in line.

What do we do with the time while we are waiting?

Easy. Think about giving gifts.

Yes, it sounds corny,


Kick-start Your Gift Giving MOJO.

Seriously. Think about it. Your gift wheel has spun around again, especially when the calendar flips to a new month, and if your family and circle of friends is anything like mine, you've got those people traipsing around in the back of your mind... and you've actually been nudged to begin thinking in advance about who and what and when in the gift giving scheme of things.

IN LINE. So there you are. IN LINE.

Society is waiting in line. And giving gifts to one another.

Look around yourself and let your mind wander. Give in to a sigh. Give in to the moment. To any person on your gift list, imagine them and how you'd like to see them react to receiving a gift from you. Think about their reaction to being in line, in line with you. Think about them. Think about you. Think about them. Don't limit yourself. It's your mind, your imagination, your creativity. Think Outside the Box. You'll be amazed how things around you can stimulate your gift giving thoughts, especially while you're waiting in line.


In my estimate, the average joe (or joe-leen) has probably given over 350 gifts by the time they are middle aged. THAT is a LOT of gifts. A lot of gifts. And always, always, there seems to be a celebration of some kind goin' on.

Of course, we do have the option of not giving gifts at all, but where does the fun lie in that? Giving and receiving gifts gives the sense of belonging, of being a part of something other than yourself. How could you possibly opt out of a feel-good time like that?

The familiar expression "work hard, play hard" still rings true. Our lives are so busy these days where most of us have our time allotted to work, work, work. So when we do get time to play we have to make the most of it.

I like the "play hard" part better, so when I think about events, occasions, celebrations, and giving gifts, I tend to lean towards laughter, high-spirited fun, and enjoyment. I would rather make the most of the situation right then to make it memorable.

Besides, when we're all laughing, we are all included. We all belong. And if there are gifts involved, we all belong to the giving of the gift. And then you won't have to think about how things could-a, should-a been because the memory is clearly established in everyone's minds.


                                                                          What the?

Wandering, imagining.

Think about them. Think about you.

Think about your next promotion, think about dinner.

Think about how much is too much when it comes to eating chocolate.

Do they like chocolate as much as you?

Think about them for a minute.

Think about your date, think about how unusual the shoes are that are on the feet of the fellow who is two spots down from you waiting in line. Think about shoes. Wander. Mind wander. Imaging. Imagining.

                                     Waiting in line.

                        Creating the time and space for gift giving.

                          Helping yourself...getting ready to give.

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